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"I think she's gonna fall asleep on me this time though."In, Renner stars as Cory Lambert, a U. Fish and Wildlife Service agent who discovers the body of a murdered teenager in the frozen wilderness of the Wind River Indian Reservation in central Wyoming.

But now, the only pictures of naked girls on my phone are of my baby! [Laughs]My friends and me rented your first movie when we were kids: National Lampoon’s Senior Trip.[Laughs] That was my first job! ”It took a long time for you to really break through. The only thing that was tough was I was getting really frustrated because I just felt like I never got my chance at the plate. I thought Kill the Messenger might be a good thing for her and I slipped it to her early on, but I think it wasn’t her bag. Another thing cable seems to be doing better at is creating interesting roles for women. I love strong female characters, and I think it’s really important.I hate to use “passion project,” but Kill the Messenger does seem like just that for you. I have a hard time paying attention to the news because it’s just a constant flood of stuff. It’s no longer just giving you the news straight, anything and everything needs some sort of bizarre commentary—or slant—attached to it. “Here’s a penny for your thoughts…” Get out of here! Punditry is completely ridiculous, as is speculation. Passion project in that this isn’t an easy one to get made, and that’s why I had to hop on as a producer to help get it made. What’s going to happen when the Internet just shuts down? “That’s the perfect word – exhilarated.” With an enormous fan base and positive buzz surrounding the film, a sequel seems to be a forgone conclusion.However, Scarlett says nothing is official just yet.Renner says he was drawn to the project because of "the story, the location that the story's told, and the world that the story's told within." WATCH: Around the World With the 'Captain America: Civil War' Cast: Private Planes & 'Outrageous' Experiences"The characters are fantastic, and I think it represents all of the people on the reservation with fortitude and strength," he shared.

He was also appreciative of getting to shoot in the open wilderness in the mountains around Park City, Utah, where the majority of production took place.

And she said, “How come no one knows you’re married? Everyone’s got their own relationship with the media and mine is… A lot of them seem to just service the guy, and it’s a travesty. I haven’t had any official conversations about doing it or not. We have to do some pick-up shots here and there, but for the most part. It’ll be cool to show your daughter these superhero movies when she grows up. you need to listen to Dad.”[Laughs] When she’s a teenager I’ll say, “Watch The Town. Behave.” What’s going on with this upcoming Steve Mc Queen biopic you’re attached to? The Mc Queen film will probably be in the next four years. They made it more exciting when Paul [Greengrass] and Matt [Damon] got back into the mix, and finally cracked a story idea for them to come back into it.

The reporter just asked and I didn’t lie, I just told her. Everything in my life I should just scream out to people? Are you going to hook up with Kathryn Bigelow again? It’s basically just some guy announcing he’ll give people 0 million to bust him out of jail, which then propels every gangbanger in the greater Los Angeles area to come for him.[Laughs] Yes! And your buddy Colin Farrell just got True Detective. Strong female roles in cinema are hugely important to me. For me, I signed on to The Avengers 1-3 and then Hawk-Eye, in case they want to do a Hawk-Eye spin-off. We’re putting it together, and it’ll probably be a couple of years before we get going on that.

WATCH: Jeremy Renner Treats His Daughter Ava to Spa Day – See the Adorable Pics!

"We're trying to do the same thing after this this [press] line," Renner said of his plans for a fun father-daughter night.

Seven years later, he was found dead with two gunshot wounds to the head in what was ruled a suicide. 10, showcases Renner’s most gripping turn since his Oscar-nominated performance in The Hurt Locker.

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