Updating album track information

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Updating album track information - 3 7 3 7 1 transfer updating

We're going to get back to that later this year and polish it off and finish it off a bit more. It's not like the switch to do these Joshua Tree shows was because we needed a lot of time. We can still work on it throughout this year, all the little nips and tucks that we want to do.

In a WMMR-FM interview, however, Edge was non-committal about that date.So we said, "We could put this record out this year, or we could celebrate 'The Joshua Tree' and put out the [new] record when all that's done, and then plan a tour around it and all the things that go along with a new album." The only spoiler is that 'The Joshua Tree' tour has been an enormous, runaway success and we just keep adding dates.So the answer to your question is, ["Songs of Experience"] is ready to go, but at this point I'm not sure when it's going to go because the tour is still up and running.Kygo, a Norwegian DJ and producer, played a song called "The Best Thing" during a live performance in Bergen, Norway.Local media reported that the song is a collaboration between Kygo and U2, but we don't know if it'll be under consideration for U2's next album.We’re roping in some really good remixes that are going to kick an entirely new door wide open for U2 fans.

The world right now is listening to such different music that you can’t expect a 20-year-old to gravitate to a U2 record if it’s not put in the context of what they listen to today."We may even write a couple of new songs because that's the very position we're in.We've given ourselves a little bit of breathing space for creativity." , talked about the latter with Consequence of Sound: As for their new album, Songs of Experience, I’ve already been working with them for a year.The article says the album is still planned for release in the second half of 2017, with the I E tour to resume in spring 2018.Adam is quoted as saying U2 is about 85 percent finished, and needs to cut down from 15-16 songs to 12 for the album.Bono tells Rolling that the band has about 15 songs for the next album and needs to cut that number down to 12.

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