Processes affecting radiometric dating techniques

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Processes affecting radiometric dating techniques

The topographic height of orogenic mountains is related to the principle of isostasy, that is, a balance of the downward gravitational force upon an upthrust mountain range (composed of light, continental crust material) and the buoyant upward forces exerted by the dense underlying mantle.

An example of thin-skinned deformation (thrust faulting) of the Sevier Orogeny in Montana.

Isostatic movements may help such exhumation by balancing out the buoyancy of the evolving orogen.

Scholars debate about the extent to which erosion modifies the patterns of tectonic deformation (see erosion and tectonics).

For example, the Caledonian Orogeny refers to the Silurian and Devonian events that resulted from the collision of Laurentia with Eastern Avalonia and other former fragments of Gondwana.

The Caledonian Orogen resulted from these events and various others that are part of its peculiar orogenic cycle.

Orogenic processes may push deeply buried rocks to the surface.

Sea-bottom and near-shore material may cover some or all of the orogenic area.

Although orogeny involves plate tectonics, the tectonic forces result in a variety of associated phenomena, including magmatism, metamorphism, crustal melting, and crustal thickening.

What exactly happens in a specific orogen depends upon the strength and rheology of the continental lithosphere, and how these properties change during orogenesis.

geography and mid ocean ridges, contributed greatly to the theory of plate tectonics.

Even at a very early stage, life played a significant role in the continued existence of oceans, by affecting the composition of the atmosphere.

A typical foreland basin is subdivided into a wedge-top basin above the active orogenic wedge, the foredeep immediately beyond the active front, a forebulge high of flexural origin and a back-bulge area beyond, although not all of these are present in all foreland-basin systems.

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