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We do this by helping you find the best tenant and providing educational resources along the way.If you haven't already grab our free landlord essentials kit which gives you all the landlord forms you need to get started.

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Rules can also be established for new, incoming applicants that can choose to abide by them when signing the lease agreement.

If you need professional advice, we highly suggest Avvo’s online directory as a cost effective resource.

After getting Esther’s take, let’s go back to the original story from California and see how it applies. Income is not a protected class and a landlord has the right to set up any approval criteria as long as it doesn’t cross over into discrimination.

An example of this might be that in the original lease agreement, the landlord promises to pay for basic cable as part of the rental agreement.

The tenant wants to get a satellite TV service installed but it is much more expensive.

Here are 5 common changes landlord try to enact mid-lease: While there are dozens of things a landlord may want to change, it’s important for both tenants and landlords to know the proper way to usher in a new policy or rule.

It can be done, it just needs to be done right rather than in the middle of a current lease agreement.He was trying to re-screen existing tenants and impose income levels and credit scores that were not previously established.In other words, the landlord tried to change the terms of a contract while it was still in effect.The landlord and tenant reach an agreement that the landlord will no longer provide or pay for basic cable and that the tenant can get satellite TV installed at the rental property and will assume all costs for that service.The lease addendum would outline these new terms and both parties would sign the addendum.Landlords can implement rule changes when a tenant’s lease agreement expires.

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