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Chatting sites dirty without registration - invalidating factors

[A SOVEREIGN NATION WHICH DOES NOT MEAN A SOVEREIGN COUNTRY - it means a corporation or nation state with Sovereign power - eg, established by the creditor to whom the debts of the original Commonwealth of Australia were owed to - the IMF/UN/CROWN/International banksters ]. The Corporation known as AUSTRALIA established and incorporated in 1973 as a result of a secondary level of debt reconstruction and reorganization bringing with it subsidiary corporations such as PARLIAMENT OF AUSTRALIA and QUEEN OF AUSTRALIA and finally THE AUSTRALIA ACT 1986 [ the main Corporate charter].Underlying the above numbers 2 and 3 is still in existence the original Constitutional Commonwealth of Australia and it's Constitution, with the original living flesh and blood Queen Elizabeth the Second as reigning Monarch to this very day which still protects those who choose not to be AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS, [members of the CORPORATION/SOVEREIGN NATION-STATE] those who recognize there is no money of substance in circulation anymore, and those who wish to access their exemption/prepaid account to discharge/setoff their debts in recognition of the fact that the funny money in circulation today cannot lawfully do so.

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operating in their own right as properly established corporations with the power to make rules for their corporation and those who are members of their corporations i.e. It appears that Queen Elizabeth the Second [the true original Monarch] cannot not assent to legislation for the corporations known as COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA but her original Constitutional system is still in existence albeit laying dorment due to the fact that we are not operating according to the law in our financial affairs [i.e.

The actual protections of the law lie in the recognition of either and/or both: 1.

That the living flesh and blood Queen Elizabeth the second is still our reigning Monarch for those who are NOT AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS with full Constitutional guarantees for those who wish to stand upon and claim such 2.

Such rights can only be invoked "administratively" [private venue and jurisdiction].

AS soon as there is any controversy in any court cases today for instance, the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is granted jurisdiction automatically to hear and adjudicate with absolute discretion in relation to such "controversy".

ACN 104 961 882 REGD * MORTGAGE INDUSTRY OMBUDSMAN SERVICE LIMITED ACN 104 961 882 REGD CREDIT OMBUDSMAN SERVICE LIMITED ACN 117 680 172 REGD INDEPENDENT OMBUDSMAN SERVICE PTY LTD NSW D0810222 RMVD MR OMBUDSMAN 059240130 NRGD OFFICE OF OMBUDSMAN and are another useless piece of bureaucratic deception in supposedly helping REAL flesh & blood human beings.

They are their to deal with FICTIONS (corporations - your strawman) such as JOHN SMITH but not John Smith who is the real flesh & blood human being.

AUSTRALIA was established and incorporated in 1973 as a secondary level consequence and reorganization of the 1929 bankruptcy whereby, AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS being PERSONS who are members of the CORPORATION OF AUSTRALIA with their CORPORATE CHARTER being the AUSTRALIA ACT 1986 who have only benefits and privileges granted to them by the PARLIAMENT OF AUSTRALIA of which the living flesh and blood Queen Elizabeth the Second is now a foreign entity offering no Constitutional protections to such PERSONS.

The trickery has been in the use of words which resembled closely our original institutions, which such original institutions were replaced with corporations created, established and incorporated by the International Monetary Fund and it's many subsidiaries such as the CROWN, the UN, with the Vatican City ultimately controlling all of the above.

So there appears to have taken place the following since 1900: 1.

The Original Constitutional Commonwealth of Australia with Queen Elizabeth the Second, living flesh and blood reigning Monarch. The Corporation known as COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA with a SEC filing in Washington DC filed in 1934.

My Question of ACN; Is this the reason for the introduction of GST taxation system?

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