Speed dating west end

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Speed dating west end

Apart from Mr Westman the star of the show is Michael Jibson as a pleasingly puddingish, catty George III.

Alexander Hamilton (1755-1804) was a leading politician in the creation of the United States.The African-American immigrant aspect to the story was a big part of the show's promotional pitch in the States.It may not mean quite so much to British audiences.Financial Benefits: Cost cut down due to decrease in cost of production and services and effective risk management and increase in revenue2.Operational Benefits: Reduces workload of employees and increases their satisfaction level due to improvement in internal communication flow3.The production values and acting are solid, the staging broad if boxy and the choreography taut, with the chorus line a marvel of tight jodhpurs.

Rather it is the speed of the vocal delivery, the bullet-fast insistence of the assonance and the technical ability of the main singers in spitting out all those words, that you will remember.Would he have been a Leaver or a Remainer in 21st century Britain? Not since the Old English epic poem Beowulf has there been a work of such prolonged, rippling rhythm as 'Hamilton'.The best reason for catching this over-hyped American musical is the energy of its hip-hop rap writing Jamael Westman cuts a rangy, confident figure as we see blue-tailcoated Hamilton rise from Caribbean immigrant to national founding father.Here the Daily Mail's theatre critic gives his verdict.Not since the Old English epic poem Beowulf has there been a work of such prolonged, rippling rhythm as 'Hamilton'.That aspect of the story has a topical edge given Brexit.

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