Consolidating files logic 9

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It will also help and save time if they tell you the tempo of the song, and maybe the resolution. As for OMF I've had so much trouble with that it's hard to start pointing out the issues.The major ones were not being able to open the project and sometimes audio regions out of place.

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However, when I create an EXS file using Auto Sampler (to capture all the Alchemy sounds), things get a bit strange.(putting the and in the same folder does not seem to work) Thanks, grb.From what I've read CAF is an Apple audio file container which can contain standard audio formats along with meta data for sample positions, loop points etc.Not that I would really want to use anything but Reaper anyway. Will Logic operate as an external editor within Reaper? I don't have any other DAWs on my computer, so I can't test out how running an external editor works.So far I've been rendering every edited track as a file, labeling them, and then dumping them to his external hard drive. Sorry if this has been asked to death, when I tried searching I kept getting an error. Are you trying to retain all the small edited audio chunks on one track, rather than render each track to a single audio file?If I copy the newly created file directly into my samples folder on my i Pad using i Fun Box, the samples play OK, but the ADSR settings seem to exceed what Lyra can handle, and the instrument is shifted up two octaves on the keyboard.

(The sustain control is wrapped past the max, and when you modify it in Auria, you can never get back to what it was originally.) To address this, I've tried fine tuning the ASDR and other settings of the raw Auto Sampler EXS files by opening them in EXS24.This option will insert on your file some info from Reaper.9) If you were using markers on the song then check Write markers as cues.Caf is a pretty complex format, so I don't think it'll be added any time soon.In the mean time, there are conversion utilities out there for converting caf to wav, if you need to import a caf-based EXSs. there are conversion utilities out there for converting caf to wav, if you need to import a caf-based EXSs. I thought I had added caf support early on, but I hadn't.I track with Reaper using my Toshiba laptop (running XP service pack 3) He's using a Mac Powerbook (not sure of the OS) with Logic.