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Season ticket sales up 65 per cent at League and Cup winners Cork City is one...

"I am hoping that the next two years will be very good for me," said Chvedukas. There is a good set up here and of course a very good coach.The 26-year-old is an experienced operator in Sweden, but has also spent time in Croatia with NK Istra.The Donegal native has been considering his options since November.Kelly is in the final year of his college degree and that is a potential complication with Dundalk training full-time during the days.Chvedukas is a done deal, though and he arrives with a varied CV.They were there for Yosuke Sasaki, the 24-year-old Japanese man who was stabbed to death in the town last Wednesday.

Representatives of the Catholic Church, the Church of Ireland and Dundalk’s Muslim community joined Ambassador Mari Myoshi of the Japanese embassy and colleagues of Mr Sasaki in the square outside the courthouse where, on Friday, an 18-year-old was charged with his murder.

However, he was touched by the kindness of the Irish people and he decided to work here.

“As a family, we are truly saddened by what has happened, but we hope that this incident will not give Japanese people a bad impression of Ireland.” The Japanese embassy also expressed gratitude for the messages of support it has received from Irish people in recent days.

Kenny is also looking for a new striker to compensate for the absence of David Mc Millan and that search has brought him to Scandinavia.

Swedish-Croat Luka Mijaljevic – who spent the past two seasons with Swedish second division side GAIS – is believed to be on Dundalk's radar.

But it was tough to find fault with that preoccupation on Monday night when hundreds of people gathered on a cold evening in Dundalk to send a message to one family in Japan: We grieve with you.

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