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Caring, loving, honest, driven by passion, and a great, great, father. Going to a go-kart track to have some fun, then a movie, and then dinner. Your mother appears on the show and challenges these women. Just be in a situation where I can talk with a person one on one. I care about looking into someone's eyes and finding out who they are. I haven't met anyone who doesn't like hands and feet.

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As many celebs learn the hard way, meeting someone on a movie set in a pampered, fairy tail like situation for 2 months, isn’t representative to real relationships and that is why so many celeb relationships fail.

“In a digital age, it’s easier than ever for American men to connect to someone internationally who may posses the elusive qualities and understandings they haven’t found stateside.

With an emphasis on being yourself and open about your flaws in online dating, Sabato, Jr.

But it’s all about finding someone with your common interests, and someone who makes you want to be a better person.

The Italian born General Hospital alumnus and married hunk thinks dating is harder these days and advocates for American men to use online dating to look outside of American women to date.

Ok, so Martha Stewart just started doing it, but she’s apparently not the only one.

In a recent chat with heart-stopper Antonio Sabato, Jr., new spokesman for Anastasia, he says that celebs are online dating more than we know.Tell her a story — it should be long enough that it takes a few minutes — that communicates something about your personality and how much you love life.And what if you want to seduce a woman as beautiful as Jennifer Love Hewitt, whom Sabato dated in 2003? The actor, 37, brought Cheryl to the Hollywood Christmas Parade, and sources said he introduced her as his girlfriend.Apparently they began dating after the show wrapped and a source said: "They are so solid, so happy together." The singer's My Space page...This helps weed out matches who are fundamentally wrong, and the anticipation does wonders for your mutual attraction. Once you get the conversation going past “Hello there,” Sabato suggests reversing gender expectations.