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The marshy land near the sea also makes very productive farmland, once it had been drained.Here, the diet is enriched by the plentiful supply of fish to had from the lagoons and ponds.

His empire begins to decline immediately after his death.c.

Please see the article on Assyrian civilization for later developments within Mesopotamia.“Mesopotamia” is a Greek word meaning, “Land between the Rivers”.

The region is a vast, dry plain through which two great rivers, the Euphrates and Tigris, flow.

As a result, much of it has been – and is still – home to herders of sheep and goat.

These nomads move from the river pastures in the summer to the desert fringes in the winter, which get some rain at this time of year.

Early Mesopotamian writing Learning to write in cuneiform was a long and rigorous process, and literacy was confined to a small elite of priests and officials.(Click here for more on the historical context in which writing first developed.)Cuneiform was at first written in the Sumerian language.

For more than a millennium Sumerian retained importance as the language of administration, religion and high culture.

Finally, around 2500 BCE, the script had evolved into “cuneiform” – or wedge-shaped – writing.

This was written by means of triangular-tipped stylus tools being pressed onto wet clay, and the symbols (which had been reduced to a more manageable 600 or so) were highly stylized and abstract.

It is this geography which gave rise to the earliest civilization in world history.

Agriculture is only possible in the dry climate of Mesopotamia by means of irrigation.

It was the Sumerian-speakers who lived near the great rivers, and it was they who built the first cities.