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Finally, around 2500 BCE, the script had evolved into “cuneiform” – or wedge-shaped – writing.This was written by means of triangular-tipped stylus tools being pressed onto wet clay, and the symbols (which had been reduced to a more manageable 600 or so) were highly stylized and abstract.

In its place, a Semitic dialect, Akkadian (also known as “Old Babylonian”) became widespread.Early Mesopotamian writing Learning to write in cuneiform was a long and rigorous process, and literacy was confined to a small elite of priests and officials.(Click here for more on the historical context in which writing first developed.)Cuneiform was at first written in the Sumerian language.For more than a millennium Sumerian retained importance as the language of administration, religion and high culture.1530: Babylonia is conquered by the Kassites, who rule the area for 400 years.c.1500: The Mitanni, an Indo-European people, conquer northern Mesopotamia, plus areas of Syria and Asia Minor.5000-3500 BCE: The first city-states gradually develop in southern Mesopotamia. 2300: King Sargon of Akkad starts conquering the first empire in world history. Hammurabi is famous for the law code which he issues.

His empire begins to decline immediately after his death.c.It was the Sumerian-speakers who lived near the great rivers, and it was they who built the first cities.Their language therefore became the first to be written down in world history.With irrigation, however, farming is very productive indeed.A dense population grew up here along the Tigris and Euphrates and their branches in the centuries after 5000 BC. The surplus food grown in this fertile landscape enabled the farming societies to feed a class of people who did not need to devote their lives to agriculture.As a result, much of it has been – and is still – home to herders of sheep and goat.

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