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The add-in code can then take appropriate action, based on whether the license is valid and on the license information.The App Source verification service does not support being called from client-side code.

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For example, you might want to: For each experience that you want to customize based on license information, add code for that event that performs a license check.If the user is not signed in to their Microsoft account, the Office application requesting the add-in home page does not append the license token parameter.Therefore, you must include code in your add-in that determines whether the license token is present on each HTTP request for the app's home page.The license check consists of determining if the license token is present, and if it is, validating that license token.Your license checking code should determine if the add-in license token is present, and retrieve it if it is.Finally, add code to your add-in that takes the desired action based on the properties of the user's add-in license.

This could include displaying different UI based on subscription status, disabling certain functionality for trial licenses, or any other customization you want to make based on the license properties.

This way users are aware of your add-in and encouraged to purchase it.

By default, if your add-in task pane or content add-in does not perform this licensing check, your add-in presents the same UI and functionality to anonymous users as it does to licensed users.

It's a structure in which you can add code to your add-ins to retrieve and then act on license information.

The add-in license framework applies only to add-ins acquired directly from the App Source site or in-product experience, or add-ins from App Source that are made available in an add-in catalog hosted on Share Point.

However, if you rely on the license token to determine user identityof your free add-in, you might want to provide a notice to the user asking them to sign in to Office with a Microsoft accountto get the full benefits of your add-in.