Updating i930 software

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Updating i930 software - Maleysia sex cam

Foxwell NT644 Pro differs from Foxwell NT644 in functions.

with KIES) your phone might be very difficult to revive.

Being you bought it used and I’ll assume not from a BMW dealership (but maybe?

) I’d have the oil changed using BMW LL-01 spec oil at the correct weights of either 5W-30, or 5W-40 and use a BMW brand or aftermarket MANN oil filter HU-816.

NT644 not support SAS and Bi-directional control tests, advice Foxwell NT510.

That’s all " data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1112" src="https://i2com/ alt="bmw R53 with foxwell nt510-01" width="287" height="208" / If you think the above tips are not informative, go on reading questions and answers.

If the SES light wasn’t on, and most states now just check for emissions codes in the OBDII system, if the OBDII shows one of the self-diagnostics tests had not yet been completed (which doesn’t trigger the SES light) that needs to be looked into right away. FYI, ECS Schwaben by Foxwell is 50dollars higher than Foxwell NT510.

It could be an issue that you may need to go back to the dealership you bought it from and make an issue of it. -Thanks to @Efthreeoh (e90member) Finally, code went away on its own after third day of driving. Refer to Foxwell NT510 scanner VS Schwaben by Foxwell You will agree .

It’s good you understand the importance of having a BMW serviced at a BMW specialist.

That is a key understanding to a good BMW ownership experience.

I’m not trying to scare you off or anything, just trying to set expectations.

This forum is an excellent source of information to keep sane regarding BMW ownership.

Question: Thanks so much everyone for all of this info.

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