Lutetium 176 dating technique

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Lutetium is the last member of the rare earth series.Unlike most rare earths it lacks a magnetic moment.

All were working with an impure sample of ytterbium oxide.

Urbain’s name for the new element contained in the oxide was based on the Greek name for Paris, and was the name ultimately retained for the element.

Lutetium is extremely rare, but does have a few commercial uses.

It is added as a dopant to garnets used in speciality lenses and magneto-optical memory storage devices.

Cerium-doped lutetium oxyorthosilicate (LSO) is one of the most effective materials for detectors in positron emission tomography (PET) scanners.

Lutetium can also serve a dopant in a number of phosphors and scintillator crystals.

Radioactive lutetium isotopes are used in radioactive dating and experimental cancer therapies.In this chapter, compounds of the lanthanide family are introduced, and their discovery, abundance, economic overview, and important chemical properties will be reviewed briefly.An interesting fact about the lanthanide family is that the elements are not as rare as their names might imply.Lutetium was first discovered by discovered independently by several different chemists, all in 1907.The name Lutetium originates from the Latin word Luteti, a historic name for Paris.Lanthanides are naturally found in some minerals, including but not limited to xenotime, monazite, and bastnaesite.

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