Lutetium 176 dating technique

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Lutetium 176 dating technique - Swalk spinchat

Lutetium is the last member of the rare earth series.

Lanthanides are sometimes considered to behave as group 3 elements because of the formation of trivalent cations.It has the smallest metallic radius of any rare earth and it is one of the least abundant of the naturally occurring lanthanides.The most common source of commercially produced Lutetium is the mineral monazite.Lutetium was first discovered by discovered independently by several different chemists, all in 1907.The name Lutetium originates from the Latin word Luteti, a historic name for Paris.Small quantities can also be used as catalysts in petroleum cracking and other industrial chemistry applications.

Lutetium tantalate is the densest known stable white material that can be used as a host material for X-ray phosphors.

The baddeleyites from Phalaborwa and SK10-2 have Hf ratios of 0.281238 ± 12 and 0.282738 ± 13 (2SD).

These results agree well with the values obtained by the solution method and indicate that these standards have different Hf isotopic compositions, in which the extremely low Hf values of CZ3 zircon and Phalaborwa baddeleyite make them excellent standards for machine calibration during in-situ zircon Hf isotopic measurement, with the other standards being more suitable for the development of the correction method.

Lutetium is a rare earth element and can theoretically be found in any rare earth containing mineral, but as a heavy rare earth element (HREE) it is more common in HREE-enriched minerals such as xenotime and euxenite.

Additionally, lutetium is present in ion adsorption clays, which are a major source of HREEs due to their relative ease of processing, despite the low percentage quantities of rare earths they contain. It is utilized as a dopant in matching lattice parameters of certain substrate garnet crystals, such as indium-gallium-garnet (IGG) crystals due its lack of a magnetic moment.

It is added as a dopant to garnets used in speciality lenses and magneto-optical memory storage devices.

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