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Behind Wayde van Niekerk’s world title is the story of his mother’s anti-apartheid sports sacrifice, says Cheryl Roberts.Cape Town - When he won the world athletics 400m championship in Beijing on Wednesday, Wayde van Niekerk gave his mother, Odessa the most humane respect and praise for her sacrifices as an oppressed, but very talented athlete in apartheid-era South Africa.

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This narrative about the oppressed mother that is Odessa, and the free athletics son that is Wayde is not only touching; it is reward for the years of sacrifice which his mother adhered to so a democratic South Africa could be born and children could be free to participate in sport and know they could also dream realistically of representing their country.

There is something special when a black sports person achieves internationally.

We chipped at and chiselled away as much of apartheid as we could, through our powerful and fierce sports structures.