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The Walt Disney Company is one of the largest media cooperations in the world in terms of revenue.The Company consists of various television networks, cable channels, associated production and distribution companies and television stations.

While in France he began a life–long habit of smoking.So Disney sought other work at the Kansas City Film Ad Company.This company made cartoon commercials based on paper cut–outs, and first introduced Walt to the world of film and cartoon animation.He had sent his unfinished project starring child actress Virginia Davis to Margaret Winkler in New York.When the distributer offered him a deal, Walt asked his brother Roy and best friend Iwerks to join him, and together they began the Disney Brothers’ Studio. It was distributed by Universal – the first major company to distribute one of Disney’s cartoons. It was so successful that it was shown in major theatres around the country with first–run films.When Walt returned to his family in Kansas, his bother Roy helped him get a job at the Pesmen–Rubin Art Studio.

Here, he created advertisements for newspapers and magazines.

When Walt did have a spare moment he could be found in the theatre where he would study the vaudeville acts and memorise their gags. He also enjoyed drawing cartoons for the school paper.

When Walt was 16 his life suddenly changed as America entered the Great War.

Walt was enthralled by this world and immersed himself in it. Lutz’s as well as another 19th century book by a British artist on animal and human locomotion.

Borrowing a camera from the company, he set up his backyard shed and began making cartoons of his own.

He met fellow cartoonist and life–long friend Ubbe Iwerks, and the two decided to start their own company.