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If the certificate is issued by a local register office, then the local entry number (not illustrated) will be recorded.

Where the parents were married to one another, the father's details had to be entered in the register and only one parent needed to sign the register - in column 7 (this may be some other informant).A certificate issued by a local office will be broadly similar in appearance, but the wording and layout may differ slightly from the illustrations.There are also some subtle differences between certificates depending on the date of the event.After checking the information recorded by the registrar, the informant is asked to sign (and thereby confirm) the accuracy of the entry. If the informant could not read, the details on the certificate may not be recorded correctly (how could they check the written entry if they could not read? The description of the informant simply states the relationship or connection between the informant and the child.If, however, the informant could not read, he or she would "make his/her mark" by entering "x" for a signature. In many cases the informant is a parent of the child, but for a child born in the workhouse or institution the master would act as informant.The earliest certificates had very little in the way of an address/place of birth recorded. By the mid/late 1800s, more precise address details were usually recorded.

Column 2: Name This column is used to record any forename(s) of the child.

Many large registration districts have smaller sub-districts; a largely rural area may have several smaller sub-districts based around strategic towns.

If you have an ancestor born in a small rural village, don't be too surprised to find the birth registered in a district some distance away.

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The images and information relate to certificates issued by the General Register Office.

Where possible, the text will explain any notable variations between certificates of different dates.

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