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Facebook is not the only company -- let alone the first -- which has a bot store.

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computer scientist and artificial intelligence researcher Kurzweil suggests, will humans and machines -- especially miniaturized, increasingly powerful computing machines -- simply become an integral part of out bodies and lives?

Steven Spielberg's vision is that we will unthinkingly create machines to try to replicate, replace or tend to human needs and emotions. At that stage the machines will be in effective control.

MIT's Ray Kurzweil projects artificially intelligent machines evolving so rapidly in the early part of this century that they will ultimately fuse with biological beings. has opened a window into human consciousness and the moral implications of artificial intelligence. The next Monica Lewinsky scandal is always around the corner, ready to fuel the Big Media machine and distract the public. People won't be able to turn the machines off, because they will be so dependent on them that turning them off would amount to suicide." Reading that excerpt, it occurred to me -- not for the first time -- "What a shame this demented creature chose to express himself through the maiming and murder of innocent people." Because he sure has a point.

The goal is for both bots to compromise so that they can both walk away with decent scores.

A software system, dubbed dialogue rollouts, to achieve this negotiation has been described in a paper published online on Wednesday.

Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

The bots learn to imitate the ways people compromise so that they can try to predict what the other person will say in certain situations.

The team used a mixture of supervised learning for the prediction phase and reinforcement learning to help the bots pick which response they should reply with.

Both agents are shown the same number of objects – two books, one hat and three balls – and they have to split the items between them.

They have been programmed to want different things, as each class of object is worth a different number of points to each bot.

One area of complex conversation that has received little attention is negotiation.

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