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The most well-known genocide was the Holocaust during WWII.

Germans in the 1940’s lived their lives unknowingly praising their murderous leader. Connections between these speeches and the genocide must be prevalent.Examining the early writings and speeches of Hitler and other Nazi powerhouses, it is clear that there is a direct relation between the increase of genocidal language in these writings and speeches, to the growth of Nazi power, and the intensity of events, leading up to, and through, the years of the Holocaust.Examining the timelines of Hitler’s speeches and writings, starting with the publication of Mein Kampf in 1925, to his speech in Dazing in 1939 at the begging of the war, up though his address to 10,000 cadets in 1943 in the middle of WWII, it is clear that as the level of genocidal language increases, so does the death toll and severity of anti-Semitic events under German rule.A few men of one background are eliminating or exterminating large numbers of people who are different than them.Hitler writes the first volume of his book Mein Kampf while he was imprisoned in Bavaria after his failed attempt to seize power in Munich in 1923.It is an amazing documentation of Hitler’s speech in 1939 to the people of the former free-state of Danzig regarding the Polish invasion and Germany’s take over of Danzig once again.

He gives the Speech on Dazing soil on a Tuesday, September 19th 1939.

Genocide is defined as” the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group” (Dictionary.com) It has occurred over history as far back in time as ancient Spartan and roman empires.

Probably even further back if we had accounts of the time.

After examining this long speech I found evidence that both supports my thesis and gives a good historical background on the topic.

The library has Hitler himself as the author of this speech, although not the translator (Who is not named), he is the one who spoke the words.

“Speeches of Hatred” – Hitler is giving a speech to the German people, you can almost see the hate in his face that he is vocalizing though his words in this picture.