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The World War, the most senseless struggle of all time, numbered this country and this town among it’s victims” (Hitler; Danzig pg1 ) He is trying to appeal to the people with emotions and make it seem like he is their savior by taking action.He then starts to deviate, and speak of hate for the polish people and their “foreign nationalities” Continuing to examine the speech, this source helps support my thesis greatly.

He gives the Speech on Dazing soil on a Tuesday, September 19th 1939.

Examining the early writings and speeches of Hitler and other Nazi powerhouses, it is clear that there is a direct relation between the increase of genocidal language in these writings and speeches, to the growth of Nazi power, and the intensity of events, leading up to, and through, the years of the Holocaust.

Examining the timelines of Hitler’s speeches and writings, starting with the publication of Mein Kampf in 1925, to his speech in Dazing in 1939 at the begging of the war, up though his address to 10,000 cadets in 1943 in the middle of WWII, it is clear that as the level of genocidal language increases, so does the death toll and severity of anti-Semitic events under German rule.

He speaks of eliminating populations of people like it is no big deal.

Saying that it is best to exterminate them as children before their resistance increases, that is sick and wrong. Before even rising to power Hitler was writing down his visions for a pure world.

The most well-known genocide was the Holocaust during WWII.

There are many powerful images to choose, however this one depicts the definition of genocide very well.It is a tiny, 22 inch book bound with cardboard and typed out with a type-writer.The 16 pages it contains are old and yellowed and the library card in the back has stamps in the back that date back to 1945.A few men of one background are eliminating or exterminating large numbers of people who are different than them.Hitler writes the first volume of his book Mein Kampf while he was imprisoned in Bavaria after his failed attempt to seize power in Munich in 1923.Gypsies, Jews, disabled people, homosexuals, Catholics, and many more fell victim to Hitler’s “cleansing” (Kiernan 433) This is an unfathomable number of people who’s lives were stolen so quickly, yet this terror happened in fount of the entire world, and it wasn’t stopped soon enough. The language used in Nazi speeches and writings, even decades before Hitler came into power have to have had some specific words, phrases, clues, that foreshadow this terrible Genocide.