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It is here that Sage Valmiki wrote the epic, Ramayana.

The Granth Sahib is kept in the Temple during the day and is kept in the Akal Takht or Eternal Throne in the night.

This was one of the major incidents of India's freedom struggle.

The story of this appaling massacre is told in the Martyr's Gallery at the site.

The pomp and pageantry of the Beating Retreat and the Change of Guard within handshaking distance of the Indian and Pakistani forces makes for a most charming spectacle.

Wagah, an army outpost on Indo-Pak border - between Amritsar and Lahore, is an elaborate complex of buildings, roads and barriers on both sides.

Guru-ka-Langar or the communal canteen is towards the eastern entrance of the temple complex, and it provides free food to all visitors, regardless of colour, creed, caste or gender.

Visitors to the Golden Temple must remove their shoes and cover their heads before entering the temple.The daily highlight is the evening "Beating the Retreat" ceremony.Soldiers from both countries march in perfect drill, going through the steps of bringing down their respective national flags.Well i have collected this data by wasting my too much time on road and meeting hotel owner.Now publish it for public who want come here in Lahore can easily manage budget where to stay! The Mandir is built on a 67-ft square of marble and is a two storied structure.