Bobby brown dating history

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It’s a balmy evening in late summer and just for tonight the sprawling back lot at Universal Studios has been transformed into Bobbyland.There are posters of Bobby’s new album cover blown up billboard size; walls of TV monitors playing Bobby’s newest video, “Humpin’ Around”; and partygoers mingling in baseball caps that read, simply, “Bobby.” It’s been four years since Bobby Brown’s last album, ) without a great deal of fanfare. tent, looking characteristically dapper in a pale-green suit, a matching polka-dot shirt, and his trademark diamonds (watch, ring, pendant), he makes a beeline for the table, and his wife and mother beam in harmony.

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It’s difficult to imagine anything—even Houston’s marriage—coming between them.“I think women are God’s gift to this earth,” explains Brown. Anybody who tells you, ‘Well, I want artistic creativity,’ they’re still trying to get a record off the ground.“But,” she continues, “I already had my own little stuff in my pocket and Clive knew that.“ I women.” Houston, who previously dated Eddie Murphy, is now expecting Bobby’s fourth child. “It’s different being married.”Despite all the disparities, this seems to be a real relationship. He knew that his job was to do what Clive did best.He does look different from the way he did four years ago—he’s filled out and lost his trademark Gumby haircut.At first, he shaved one side of his head (“I looked like a nut, kind of scary”), but now he’s nearly bald all over.Eight hundred people attended the wedding (“Too many,” sighs Brown).“I was a nervous wreck,” says Houston, who cried during the ceremony, but she’s been ecstatic ever since. “My baby can On a scuzzy street in downtown Hollywood, Bobby Brown is out in front of his rehearsal studio, pitching quarters against a brick wall. He’s playing with three of his “guys” (he usually travels with a large group—anywhere from five on up), including Stylz, a sweet-faced kid who raps on “Humpin’ Around.” Joseph Bushfan, his bodyguard, is standing behind them, watching the street.

He’s stripped to the waist, and the top of his Calvin Klein black-and-white striped underwear is sticking out above an extremely baggy pair of ultra-blue jeans. Three guys from the neighborhood happen by and Brown happily lets them into the game.

“So we decided to throw a party,” says MCA Records president Richard Palmese, a man not known for understatement. He kisses Houston, and she whispers something in his ear. “I had my doubts about this relationship,” says a member of Brown’s camp.

“And this is the greatest party in years.”The mob is penned in by scaffolding and booths marked in big red letters: cajun popcorn, fried chicken, vegetable pantry, and fruit. tier, record execs are chatting each other up; members of Bell Biv De Voe are munching on shrimp; and Sinbad is trying to conduct a radio interview with Mr. Despite the crowd screaming over the sound of “Humpin’ Around,” playing over and over and over Dressed in a pale-pink, loose-fitting silk suit, she is sitting at a table in between Robyn Crawford, her executive assistant, who bears a striking resemblance to Detroit Piston ace Isiah Thomas, and her new mother-in-law, Carol Brown, who is visibly ecstatic about the party. “But when you see them together, you know it’s love.”There was certainly reason to wonder.

Yet Crawford was the maid of honor when the couple made it legal last July.

The wedding was a spectacle: the bride and groom both wore white—her dress, made of French lace, cost ,000—and the wedding party was dressed in shades of purple, Houston’s favorite color. “Humpin’ Around,” which, contrary to its title, is actually an ode to trust and fidelity, comes on and Houston sings along. “All I want is the money.”Brown wins and picks up the change.

“I’d just keep going and steal me a new pair.”)More significantly, there are the persistent rumors that Houston is gay (which she has repeatedly denied) and that Brown is a crackhead (which he has repeatedly denied).