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Everyone is having fun here trying to avoid the insanity of the region.

When my friend Khalil goes there, he gives away about a half dozen business cards. When I first came to Dubai, I heard from my friend Matt how local Arab men ‘meet’ Arab women. When they see a girl they like, they’ll drop a business card on the floor and walk away.

“He jumped out of the car, came over and introduced himself, and asked me to go to a party! “He said he needed a western girlfriend to accompany him to the party and said he’d even pay.” When it comes to dating, this city is a mini United Nations.

Iranians dating Brits Filipinos dating Brazilians Canadians dating Palestinians.

My Dutch friend Saskia says, “Men want only one thing: sex. The guys with the bucks get a large share of the women. The only difference is that here, it seems, everyone is on the prowl 24/7, both men and women.

My male friends all complain that women only want one thing: a guy with lots of spare change. Of course, guys like Ahmed, a local friend of mine, say that they give equal time to both Western and Arab women. “They know how to treat a man.” I didn’t ask him to elaborate. What’s interesting—and a little irritating—is that a lot of local guys have no problem with being married and having girlfriends on the side (not an attitude restricted only to local guys). Every Friday evening there is an outdoor jazz concert in one park.

Then there are the fun-loving girls who fly out from Europe (and the States) to hook up with affluent guys.

Magazines here have even published interviews with British women who say they come out for sun, fun, and sex.Brazen Russians in short skirts and halter-tops frequently solicit right on the street.There are thousands of girls who have come from the former Soviet republics and Eastern Europe to ‘work’.Last night I went with my friend George, a Syrian Christian, to one such restaurant, located in the depths of a palatial Holiday Inn.We had been planning to avail ourselves of the fine cuisine at Hardees, but one of his friends invited him and me to join a little party in progress and witness some belly dancing.The girl will pick it up.” Some guys aren’t content to take the chance.

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