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Neighboring Saudi Arabia, remember, lashes women (even Westerners) who show a thigh. The leaders want to make Dubai the party town of the Middle East.” And he’s right.That Dubai can get away with cross-dressing parties and wild partying shows that perhaps they are preparing for the future. While there was plenty of party-mania to go around on the 31st—with the exception of our get together at Dunkin’ Donuts—some of the wilder stuff occurred on Palm Island, technically offshore: the same place where the leaders are considering allowing gambling (remind you of anyplace, Nebraskans? It’s already the prostitution capital of the Middle East.

But the tables were elegantly set, the waiters in suits, and high-tech theatrical lighting fixtures hung from the ceiling in front of a tiny stage.Then there are the fun-loving girls who fly out from Europe (and the States) to hook up with affluent guys.Magazines here have even published interviews with British women who say they come out for sun, fun, and sex.While my Syrian, Canadian and Iranian friends and I spent a quiet evening at Dunkin’ Donuts (sad, isn’t it?), we could have paid upwards of 5 to attend any number of celebrations.Five musicians sat resting as we entered, holding an array of strange-looking instruments.

One thirty-something musician held an ‘ud, which is a half-pear-shaped string instrument held rather like a guitar.Brazen Russians in short skirts and halter-tops frequently solicit right on the street.There are thousands of girls who have come from the former Soviet republics and Eastern Europe to ‘work’.As the musicians started playing, George said, “Salim’s paying.Remember, he owns a gold shop.” The belly dancer came out, a gorgeous Lebanese woman with flowing black hair, exotic eyes, and, well, not a lot of clothes.Everyone is having fun here trying to avoid the insanity of the region.