Updating windows live

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Updating windows live

Like e M Client, Mailbird is available in two versions: Lite and Pro.As a Lite user, you’ll be treated to a time-limited trial of Pro to tempt you into parting with a modest US$1 per month.

Windows Live Mail 2012 users You can continue to use WLM 2012 on your PC with a Hotmail, Outlook.com, MSN or Live email account, but you’ll need to install the update linked to within the Microsoft email.You can also create your own keyboard shortcuts for frequently used features, helping you save a few valuable seconds each day.If you only have one email account, Mailbird Lite is a great option – and even if you have more, the low price of a Pro subscription means it’s still worth a look.As you’d expect from an email client developed by Mozilla (the non-profit creator of Firefox), none of Thunderbird’s features are hidden behind a paywall.However, making the move from Windows Live Mail isn’t quite as straightforward as with e M Client and Mailbird, which pushes it down into a respectable third place.On the other hand, advanced users will appreciate the addition of encryption and authentication tools, which are easy to configure during setup.

The 64-bit version of Claws Mail is still in an experimental stage, so it might not be entirely stable.Windows Live Mail is an email program that can be used to access various email accounts, including Microsoft ones such as @hotmail, @outlook.com, @msn and @live addresses.Microsoft has emailed its users to say, ‘In a few weeks, we will be making some changes to our email services that might impact your email account’.Live Mail was rather long in the tooth and hadn’t been updated since 2012, but thousands of PC users still rely on it to organize their messages and keep multiple accounts in check.Live Mail is no longer available to download from Microsoft, but thankfully there are some excellent free substitutes that are just as simple to use, and packed with new features that make it even easier to keep track of your messages and calendars.This makes switching from Windows Live Mail incredibly simple – just check the appropriate box and click ‘Finish’ and everything will be synced automatically, including messages, calendars, contacts and tasks. e M Client also gives you a choice of three color schemes – Modern, Dark, and Classic – the latter of which closely resembles the Live Mail interface you know and love.

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