Ubuntu updating video driver

24-Mar-2020 17:24 by 4 Comments

Ubuntu updating video driver - error updating locale cisco 7911

Although intended to allow local binaries or shell scripts to be saved on the respun ISO there is no limitation on the actual type of file that can be added.-s or --storage adds a specified amount of persistent storage to the respun ISO.

When using the GUI the persistence partition size can be defined using the slider which limits the size between 128MB and 2048MB.

For example I typically include "ssh openssh-server inxi" when respinning an ISO for personal use.

-l or --local allows local Debian binary packages to be installed within the respun ISO.

-k or --kernel replaces the kernel with the version specified by the argument or value which can be any of the Ubuntu Kernel Team kernel builds located at and is passed as the directory or folder name without the trailing '/' (e.g. --rolling-list shows what new kernels are available for the kernel types of release, proposed, testing and unstable and which can be installed using the '--rolling-' option.

All 'rolling' options need the 'curl' package to be installed. This option is very useful in preseeding your ISO with packages you always normally install immediately after booting and will help resolve the issue of the ISO running out of space as a result of multiple installations.

Care must be taken in specifying the order of multiple packages to preserve any dependencies and of course all dependencies must be met for the packages to be successfully installed.

-f or --file will copy either the specified files or directories to the respun ISO under '/usr/local/bin'.

Further complications were caused by the initial lack of 'mainline' support for HDMI audio and wifi/bluetooth resulting in either the need for custom kernels or for one of the more recent 'mainline' kernels.

However because Ubuntu is not a 'rolling release' it is not possible to try the latest kernel or a specific kernel with a 'Live USB'.

You will also need at least 10 GB of free space but this can be on external storage (e.g.

a USB) as it can be specified as a location different to where the script is run from.

Alternatively a larger size can be specified to avoid the immediate need to resize as this can always be performed later.