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She bows her head as she overhears more loud commentary from the women across the street: "She is the size of a small elephant! " The women are surely cruel and shallow, indicated by their own long and lithe figures, their exposed midriffs and carefully styled hair.The 35-year-old Precious, by contrast, has already lived a full and difficult life, indicated in the first few moments of HBO's The No. For one thing, she has just months ago lost her dear father, who taught her "many, many things," primarily, she says, "To love my country Botswana, the finest country on earth, and all the creatures great and small that live here…

Her first cases, in this first, two-hour installment, directed by the late Anthony Minghella, feature some standard-seeming villains, from a "dubious" father to a cheating husband to a gangster who uses witchcraft as well as gun violence to frighten his victims.Mournful flashbacks indicate she still misses him, too, though she tells his lawyer, "The last time he spoke to me was with his fist and the buckle of his belt, the last time was at the funeral for the child I lost because of that beating." Yes, Precious has suffered back in the village, but now she looks forward to better days in the city of Gaborone.As a detective, she says, she means to "do good with the time God has given me." It's a sweet and sentimental notion, reinforcing her difference from those gossips and naysayers who doubt her resolve.Born in Sudan, Wek owns the runway with her long legs and piercing gaze.And like the true Aries (we love fashion) she is, Wek has also transitioned into the role of designer with her collection of handbags, Wek 1933.They say dark chocolate is sweeter, well in this case it is.

Model Alek Wek has a sweet style and unique look that has propelled her into one of the most successful models of color.There were 405 nominations and seconds for 190 different men.All those who were at least fourthed made it into the poll: 30 men. I have already done posts on Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, Idris Elba and Boris Kodjoe.This is not an office where discredit or discontent linger.Within minutes, Grace is tapping away on the machines (she must use both to have access to all letters of the alphabet, as each is missing something crucial, a metaphor that needs no explaining).She dutifully keeps notes on the lack of work, lack of income, and lack of inspiration -- until the cases begin to come in.