Condoleezza rice dating george w bush

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Condoleezza rice dating george w bush

Quietly, Gates is arguing against military action in Iran, holding the balance of power with Condoleezza Rice against Dick Cheney.He is also advocating a steady drawdown of troops from Iraq. JOHN ROBERTS Chief Justice of the United States George W.

Gates immediately introduced changes, firing senior officers involved in overseeing military facilities keeping wounded soldiers in squalid conditions, briefing reporters in sit-down sessions rather than confronting them and giving generals more leeway to argue their case.He recently laughed off his nickname of Darth Vader and has been content to insulate Mr Bush by soaking up Left-wing opprobrium.Cheney turned his office into a foreign policy powerhouse within the Bush administration, nurturing such figures as David Wurmsur, who recently stepped down as his Middle East adviser.As the US prepares for what is arguably the most open presidential election since 1928, the last time there was no incumbent president or vice-president on the ballot, the Daily Telegraph's Washington correspondents compile a list of the 100 most influential liberals and conservatives in America.The clear Republican front runner and perhaps the only party nominee who could beat Hillary Clinton in 2008, Giuliani makes the top of our list despite his unorthodox brand of conservatism that is anathema to many on the Christian Right.Phenomenally well read, Gingrich is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institute and runs his own ideas greenhouse American Solutions.

He has taken on Al Gore over climate change, John Murtha over the Iraq war, Hillary Clinton over health care and George W. A supremely confident media performer, few politicians excite the conservative base as much or are as hated by liberals as Gingrich. RUSH LIMBAUGH Talk radio host A national phenomenon, Limbaugh's influence is massive and has endured the test of time.Drudge shot to prominence in 1998 when he broke the story of the Monica Lewinsky scandal as the mainstream media prevaricated.Such is his current power that his biggest detractors – Hillary Clinton and The New York Times – are among those who seek to get out their information ahead of the news cycle by courting him.A towering intellect, Gingrich is a one-man powerhouse of conservative ideas.A polarising figure who still bears the scars from his battles with Bill Clinton over impeachment, he recently ruled out a presidential bid in 2008.Before 9/11, a thrice-married New Yorker in favour of abortion and gay rights and gun control would have struggled to survive the early stages of a Republican nomination battle despite his tax cutting and crime fighting credentials.

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