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Construction has started in Harris Mill (including Summit Place), Cobblestone, and Forest Lake.

We have a number of areas that recently finished construction and services are being installed at homes now.We hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!If you are in one of these neighborhoods, please call our office at 844-303-4237 to sign up. If you have registered on the Gig Up Greenwood website, a WCFIBER Representative will be contacting you soon to place your order. If you are in one of the areas mentioned below, the next step is to place your August 30, 2017 You likely have seen construction crews working and some who have placed orders have already have services installed.

Construction will continue through August and installations have already started.Once you register your interest on our site, make sure you tell your neighbors to register too, the more people registered in one area the higher the chance of receiving WCFIBER’s services.Our crews have made their way to Harris Mill to begin construction in phases throughout the area.So, if you live in one of these areas, be sure to call our office to place an order today. You may be wondering what the big deal is that WCFIBER is building to these neighborhoods.You may even be asking yourself, who needs speeds up to 1,000 Mbps anyway?• Harris Mill Phase 1, Forest Lake, and Cobblestone construction has been completed.