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I try to get out for a draft at least once a week, and I’ve spent more than a few evenings updating, tweaking and upgrading my two cubes (The Kaleido Cube and The Reject Rare Cube).

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Ryan’s cube is powered and features most of the mainstay cards and strategies you expect from the standard cube experience, plus a couple twists, including the spicy addition of Errand of Duty, which has prompted our go-to definition of Banding to be: “It’s basically like Soulbond.” (Except it really isn’t.) So!Porcelain Legionnaire The Toilet Trooper attacks, blocks, gets Tinkered, Metalworkered and more!In aggro decks he’s a fine soldier, and on the defense he isn’t half bad.It could be one of my cubes or a friend’s, but since the advent of the miracle that is Cubetutor.com, you will not be missing out!I tried to avoid the no-brainers for any given list.On a board with parity, Karn can break the game wide open the turn he comes down.

He is hard to play around and hard to answer, and in my experience only the fastest aggro decks have little fear of him in game 1.

Karn Liberated To me, Karn skirts the line between good and busted.

Like so many other cards in cubes, it is insane if you can ramp it out early. As with every other planeswalker, Karn introduces an angle of attack that can throw people off-guard, even years after they introduced the first ‘walkers in Lorwyn.

She is one of the few mana dorks that retains a high amount of impact late into the game, and generally makes combat a pain for your opponent.

Remand I wasn’t playing during Remand’s hey-day in Standard, but it is fast becoming one of my favourite counterspells in cube.

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