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FWIW I believe the 1% that Indian and Middle East tourists received was rounded up from 0. Arrived at out hotel about 2 pm and my wingman is still sick. We have a short walk to Nana Mall and have lunch and change money.3%, which is mathematically closer to ZERO: https:// My wingman goes back for a sleep and I grab a beer at one of the Hilarys and watch some FL across the road.

She is indignant and makes a point of picking up the guys beside us. We leave and head back the hotel and I tell my friend that I saw a cute girl in the bar almost directly across the road from the hotel.While we are finishing our drinks we see the girl from Beer Garden go into the Ibis with some old dude.We cheer and she looks over and I show her my girl, so funny.The type of visitor contributes to the problem a lot but let me tell you, I have seen similar behavior in other places too by obviously educated guys.I was lounging around next to the whirlpool tub in a FKK in Germany some time ago and a couple of Indian guys invited a black girl to join them in it.We head to Nana Plaza and check out most places but very different from Pattaya.

He heads home and I go to a bar nearby and have a dance or 2 with one of the girls but I know I'm gone for the night so I head back to the hotel. A bit fumbly in the night but get it on in the morning but I'm never picking up in the dark when drunk again very ugly and after telling the wnigman he tells me lucky noy a LB! After breakfast we decide to check out beer garden on Soi 7. Not much there and I get ripped off for a beer from this girl who after 2 sips leaves her bag and goes of talking to about every other guy in the bar.Jackpot she is sitting out front so I head towards and out of the blues this other guy gets there first and she takes him in to order him a drink!We order and I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't been so rash with the girl at Beer Garden. We play pool and after a couple drinks we settle on a price.I'm not happy but there was a girl from the night before who caught my eye so I thought why not.I went to Nana Plaza first and hit a few bars before saw this young cute thing so I was set for the night.I wanted a quick BJ and went there but was too disappointed. If airfare was as cheap as it is from India to Thailand all over the world you'd be talking about the trash being brought from all over the world.