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The United States would need the agreement of the other signers, including Russia and China, to renegotiate it. official who briefed reporters after Flynn’s announcement Wednesday said the new administration is keeping potential retaliatory actions strictly separate from the nuclear deal, although U. officials acknowledge that anything that affects the U. “Trump will walk a fine line, and probably try to keep the deal intact.” Erin Cunningham in Istanbul and Karoun Demirjian in Washington contributed to this report.

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Kashmir is a small city in northern eastern Iran with a rich history of producing exquisite carpets for centuries.

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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was critical of the deal during his confirmation hearing last month but said it could be improved. S.-Iran relationship has implications for the future of the pact. allies including Saudi Arabia and Israel, which worked to thwart the deal, now have an interest in keeping it in place for fear of the instability that could result from abandoning it.

Few congressional Republicans are demanding an outright rejection of the nuclear accord, either, and say they are working with the new administration to tighten enforcement and raise the stakes for Iran for any violations. The 2015 deal lifted international trade and other restrictions on Iran related to its nuclear program in exchange for a halt in the most troublesome aspects of Iranian nuclear development. When asked whether his administration’s tough new posture could mean a military strike, Trump answered, “Nothing’s off the table.” That followed the White House broadside Wednesday in which national security adviser Michael Flynn warned that Iran is “on notice” over the test launch. “I’d like to put as much toothpaste back in the tube as possible.“Iran does not need permission from any country to defend itself.” Speaking to reporters, Velayati brushed off what he called Trump’s “baseless ranting” and pledged that missile tests would continue as Iran sees fit. side appears to be mostly an attempt to seize the upper hand in what Trump officials have said will be a far tougher, less forgiving relationship with Tehran. Security Council edict, but the Trump administration maintains that it does. “For Trump’s senior national security brain trust, including Flynn, [Defense Secretary Jim] Mattis and key NSC staff, the enmity toward Iran is very personal,” Sadjadpour said.Er wolle seine Zeit nicht drauf verschwenden, auf Schmähungen und Geschwätz des "Rohlings" zu antworten, der der US-Präsident nun einmal sei.Stunden später folgte die Antwort direkt aus dem UN-Sicherheitsrat von Trumps Vorposten bei den UN, der amerikanischen Botschafterin Nikki Haley: Wenn ein Schurkenstaat - und sie sprach vom Iran - dabei sei, Langstreckenraketen zu entwickeln, habe man bald das nächste Nordkorea vor der Tür.En cas de problème ou de difficulté pour accéder au site contactez nous ici.