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And 5 m long fiber can reach 8.12 W continuous laser output, in which the slope efficiency is 55.9% and performs good amplification effect.Besides, the extinction ratio is about 10 d B, which indicates good polarization performance of the fiber.

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Transmission spectra demonstrate typical photonic band gaps (PBGs) of about 40% in the direction of [111] lattice orientation, which accords well with the result from the Bragg formula.

Moreover, the stability of them is analyzed theoretically.

The numerical simulation results show that 1 1 dimensional nonlocal fundamental surface dark Solitons are always stable in the domain of their existence, while second-order surface dark solitons are oscillatorily unstable and the width of unstable domain depends more greatly on propagation constant than nonlocality degree of nonlocal nonlinear medium.

The performance of the proposed demultiplexer is evaluated in an 80 Gbit/s OTDM transmission system.

A maximum power penalty of 2.6 d B is obtained for the worst demultiplexed channel.

The proposal might be interesting since it offers a powerful tool for developing ultrafast photonic networks.

core glass of an optical fiber perform through a conventional modified chemical-vapor deposition technique and solution doping method, which contains a large core of around 30 μm in diameter.The LMSLPFG is fabricated by using hydrofluoric acid (HF) to partially etch a standard long-period fiber grating (LPFG), thereby forming a local defect in the cladding.The theoretical analysis and experimental results show that partially etching will change the effective refractive index modulation in the cladding mode, which equivalently introduces a phase shift into the part of defect and manifests, in the spectrogram, as openning a transmission window between the stopbands, forming two transmission stopbands and one transmission passband.The results show that dielectric-loaded metal grating can effectively weaken the structure dispersion, and that with the increases of relative dielectric permittivity, groove width and depth, the dispersion curve becomes flatter and moves toward low frequency.When the electron beam voltage or current changes, the first-order growth rate curve can only roughly describe the change trend, while the second-order growth rate can accurately show the change values.In this paper, 1 1 dimensional nonlocal fundamental and second-order surface dark solitons have been found numerically at the interface between thermal nonlinear medium and linear medium.

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