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Moreover, the stability of them is analyzed theoretically.

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A local micro-structured long-period fiber grating (LMSLPFG) is proposed and investigated experimentally.

In this paper, 1 1 dimensional nonlocal fundamental and second-order surface dark solitons have been found numerically at the interface between thermal nonlinear medium and linear medium.

The relation between the wave shape of nonlocal surface dark soliton and propagation constant and nonlocality degree is investigated.

On this basis we study the temperatures and bending characteristics of the two stopbands and one passband.

The results show that the temperature sensitivities of the two stopbands and one passband are all approximately 0.05 nm/℃; the bending sensitivity of the passband (2.61 nm/m In this pager, we theoretically propose a model for low-frequency multi-channel filtering of phononic crystal composed of locally resonant units By introducing the resonance units with different filling rates into two-dimensional three-component locally resonant phononic crystal, a waveguide is built Its band structure transmission curve and transmitted sound pressure field map are calculated by the finite element method This design results in a low frequency range of the band gap emergence of new discrete mode around the different resonant frequencies of the scatterer These discrete modes enable the corresponding sound wave to propagate along the waveguide direction in phononic crystal waveguide The discrete model is only associated with the respective resonant unit, so it has a strong anti-jamming capability It provides a new theoretical basis for the multi-channel low-frequency filter.

The figure showing the propagation, with the initial input of noise added, confirms the correctness of stability analysis results.

Cylindrical macroporous silica structures are fabricated on the surfaces of glass capillary with different diameters by a sol-gel cooperative assembly method.Through simulated calculation, the mode area of the double clad polarization maintaining photonic crystal fiber reaches about 232 μm.In experiment, amplification tests of both pulse laser and continuous laser are conducted.The proposal might be interesting since it offers a powerful tool for developing ultrafast photonic networks.core glass of an optical fiber perform through a conventional modified chemical-vapor deposition technique and solution doping method, which contains a large core of around 30 μm in diameter.The results show that the diameter of the perforation hole is larger than that of aluminum thin-plate, the crater size in witness plate is smaller, and the ballistic limit curve is 50% larger than the latter.

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