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In 1912, Washburn introduced the Lakeside Jumbo guitar, which some consider the first dreadnought-sized guitar.It bridged the gap between smaller-bodied "parlor" guitars of the late 19th and early 20th century and modern-day dreadnought and jumbo acoustic guitars.

Patrick Healy then led the company into a period of major expansion, beginning with a larger new factory and improved mass-production techniques, and soon dominated the domestic market.Their 1892 catalog claimed to manufacture 100,000 instruments annually. By the 1920s, Lyon & Healy faced growing competition from other instrument manufacturers as well as from the rise of other forms of entertainment, particularly film and the gramophone. Stewart Company to purchase and operate the massive factory, but this transition proved problematic and Stewart went bankrupt in 1930.Lyon & Healy gradually shifted manufacturing chores onto wholesaler Tonk Brothers, to whom they sold the guitar portion of the business in 1928, continuing to produce their own lines of harps, pianos, and organs. Some of the Stewart assets were acquired by the Regal Musical Instrument Company, which had purchased the "Regal" brand name in 1908 from Lyon & Healy (who acquired it in 1905).As the author apparently spent a number of years in close and detailed discussions with the current owners of more than 2,000 surviving instruments, it is unfortunate that he failed to come to any conclusions about how these instruments sounded...perhaps all these owners were collectors rather than players...The only comment on Washburns as musical instruments is from Eric Schoenberg, who describes a model 5237 from around 1930 as "possibly the most amazing vintage guitar", but then he's a player as well as a dealer and a collector.On December 15, 2002, Washburn International announced that it had completed acquisition of U. Music Corporation, Schlacher remained as CFO, appointing Gary Gryczan to COO; Gryczan had been Washburn's CFO from 1995 through 1998. Very few modern Washburn instruments have been built by the company itself.

The new USM's headquarters were in Mundelein (440 E. It has relied on outside factories and luthiers to fulfill their designs and meet public demand.

The vintage guitar collecting market continues to grow.

This book is the first of its kind to report on Washburn guitars, mandolins, banjos and ukuleles made before 1940.

A stateside manufacturing operation was opened in 1991 for higher-end, short-run, and one-off instruments, as well as development and prototyping.

That year, a Chicago Tribune article confidently places Washburn "among the top three guitar manufacturers in the world," behind only Fender and Gibson.

This book is a great resource for finding information on Lyon & Healy Washburn instruments..

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