White label dating software review

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White label dating software review - linksys n wireless validating identity

Social Networking goes mainstream I was recently asked by a buddy to name off some social networking platforms that could be branded or changed as needed (that’s where that term ‘white label’ has come from). This is software you can brand and integrate tightly into your existing domain.

is used all over the world to power everything from simple, personal homepages to complex corporate web applications.” e Friends by Altrasoft “…is an online social networking software that allows you to start your own site just like Friendster and My Space.

Before I joined Forrester as an analyst covering this space, I started this list and it grew and grew.

In 2008, I published a vendor product catalog that has details of over 50 of the vendors, beyond these listed descriptions.

” (From comments as I can’t copy and paste any text as the site is in flash) DZOIC “start your own social networking portal?

If so, then you have just found what you were looking for.

Feature Rich User End, Advanced Admin Console, Paid Membership Integration, Flash Instant Messenger and Chat, Fulfeatured Modules” Boonx “Use flexible and powerful community software and implement your brilliant idea in real life.

Build a community site using Dolphin, and enhance it with Ray and Orca.” World Web (in German) I can’t confirm this site meets the criteria, since I don’t speak German Dave Networks “provider of an integrated video distribution and social community platform designed to ignite brands.” Village Engine “We created a social networking technology as we felt that there were no really good software out there.” Neighborhood America “The Trusted Leader in Social Networks for the Enterprise” Movable Type Recently announced social features and APIs Lithium Technologies Successful Customer Communities Group Members International “Outsourced White Label Enterprise Level Hosted and Managed Social Networking Community Platform” Vibe Capital “Vibe Capital builds Web 2.0 community software solutions for vertical market sectors” Social Groupware “Social Group Ware is an approach to create a Free on-line platform for Social Networking with the most known success story as Business Networking Club of Milan, Italy- World Dating Partners “We build your brand… Earn the highest income possible with your own branded or white label site.The E-Friends software allows members to connect to people in their personal networks and community, creating a new online interactive resource that is based on a trusted network of friends and associates on the internet.” intron Networks Complete graphic and content customization “Can be attached via web services to any database.User Features include ability to interactively search and filter results of matches out of 1000’s of users in seconds.(Update: Feb 2008, now acquired by ONEsite) Site Life from Pluck Pluck already has some other products this could be interesting.Affinity Circles This seems to have quite a few educational clients, interesting. Web Crossing Social networking and collaboration suite.The apps are robust yet lightweight, cross-platform with no user installation, and customizable for a site’s specific needs.” Ning “Ning is the fast and free way to create custom Social Websites!