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The Grand Canyon provides a tremendous example of the results of large-scale erosion, which is important in developing an understanding of the mechanisms likely to have been active in the Biblical global flood.For many years creation scientists have taught that the Grand Canyon was formed rapidly when a large lake on the northern border of the Colorado Plateau broke through its natural dam.

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Post-Flood lakes on the Colorado plateau may have breached to cause episodes of high discharge water.

Shiva Temple is of interest to creationists because in 1937, Harold Anthony of the American Museum of Natural History led an expedition to Shiva Temple to show that it had been separated from the rim of the canyon so long that its animals had developed new evolutionary distinctions.

He concluded that there was not enough evidence to support the hypothesis, and decided the top of Shiva Temple was not as isolated as he had thought.

The Grand Canyon is a massive geological feature in the US state of Arizona.

Due to efforts of conservationists, the region became a Forest Preserve in 1893 and was protected from unrestricted hunting and logging.

The Kaibab squirrel (Sciurus aberti kaibabensis) is found on the North Rim, but not on Shiva.

The Brush Mouse (Peromyscus boylii), the Bushytailed Wood Rat (Neotoma cinerea), and the Canyon Mouse (Peromyscus crinitus) are found both on Shiva and on the North Rim but not on the saddle between the two which has a desert type of plant life.The crystalline-basement rocks exposed deep within the Canyon (schist, granite, and gneiss) represent some of earth's oldest rocks, probably from early in Creation Week.Tilted, deeply buried strata (the "Grand Canyon Supergroup") show evidence of catastrophic-marine sedimentation and tectonics associated with the formation of an ocean basin midway through Creation Week, and may include ocean deposits from the post-Creation, but pre-Flood world.John Meyer and George Howe studied the mammals on Shiva Temple in 1979 , and noted that there are some mammals who live in the ponderosa pine forests both on the North Rim and on Shiva Temple who don't live on the saddle between the two.This would seem to be evidence of the isolation of Shiva Temple at least for some species of small animals.Some have suggested the hypothetical "Lake Flagstaff" in Utah which may have deposited the "Pink Cliffs" Formation (Wasatch Formation), as an example of lake formation.

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