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If you are interested in having a man completely obsessed with you and Although things probably aren’t as bad as all that, when a guy tells his girlfriend that he wants to take a break in a relationship, it usually isn’t because things are going swimmingly. When he tells you he’s taking a break in a relationship, he’s in the stage where he feels as if he needs some time to figure out if you are really the one.

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Having an extended break because the two of you will no longer be physically close might work better than trying to keep the relationship going long distance. You or he might turn down opportunities that you would take if you were not in a committed relationship. They could also be opportunities to study abroad, for example, which you or he might be hesitant to do if that meant not coming home regularly anymore.You can determine what might be the cause of any problems and then think about whether you’re willing to make any compromises to keep the relationship going.If both of you are using this time to see others, it makes the reflection process more difficult because you both are distracted by the new people you’re seeing.But he doesn’t because you want the relationship to continue.He doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, so he’s letting you ease into the idea slowly. If he won’t do it, then you should break up with him. Your guy might want to date or sleep with other people, so he tells you he needs a break.Here are three ways to handle a break: The difference between a break and a breakup is that you and your guy will still be in contact when you take a break in a relationship because you’re not officially broken up.

You’re in limbo between breaking up and getting back together.

A good rule of thumb is to set up a time each month from the start of the break to check in with each other. That way, you can both reflect on your relationship.

When you do check in, discuss what your feelings are, and listen to his. You can think about what’s good and what’s bad about it.

It’s often difficult to reflect on the relationship while you’re still in it.

But when you’re apart, you can tell whether you’re happier together or not.

Trying to maintain a relationship while you’re away can put too much stress on the relationship and on both of you individually.