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She didn’t confine herself to shows at Flashback, the legendary Edmonton gay nightclub that has now closed down. Trash: Then there was Lulu La Rude, whom Hagen met at nineteen when La Rude was fresh off the streets.In her street days she could “smell a rich Daddy better than a sow hunting for truffles.” When Darrin Hagen first set eyes on La Rude, he knew they were cut from the same cloth.

One of the most heartbreaking parts of the book is reading Hagen describe finishing its final chapters as La Rude’s health deteriorates: It’s getting harder every day to write this.

i don’t get how not being attracted to certain racial phenotypes is bad.

it’s the same as saying that i don’t like blond boys. you can’t talk me into being attracted to them, and it has nothing to do with the “popular standards” of what’s supposed to be attractive.

Prairie Fairy: A fag from Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba Tundra Fairy: A fag from Canada’s North Raccoon Eyes: Leftover mascara that won’t come off the day after Darrin Hagen, otherwise known as Gloria Hole, queen extraordinaire of the prairie fairies who avoided eating dead babies while in her embarrassment of bitches, is more interested in telling the truth than in appealing to your politically correct sensibilities.

The Edmonton queens’ lives are as imperfectly unapologetic as the morning Raccoon eyes you get when you’re having too much fun to bother washing your face before bed.

This book has drinking and drugs and may contain certain amounts of prostitution and homelessness because these were the expected side effects of being different, fabulous and courageous in Edmonton, a city that has forever been associated with oil and hockey, not drag queen tiaras. Fed from the Columbia Icefields, the North Saskatchewan River starts as a thin trickle of light-blue glacier water before flowing down through Abraham Lake and Rocky Mountain House, eventually separating Edmonton into North and South before continuing on to Saskatchewan, the river now wide and its water a light brown, full of experiences and the necessary dirt they come with.

Set in the 1980s, chronicles the lives of queers who made their own culture right where they had landed. Later, a very different Hagen from the teen who followed the North Saskatchewan from Rocky Mountain House will stand on a bridge over the older version of the river by which he grew up.

Keegstra Country.(Jim Keegstra, a high school teacher in Eckville, was charged with teaching his students that the Holocaust never actually happened. Eckville is just north of Caroline, where the Aryan nations have a lovely farm.)…At Red Deer, Calgary and Edmonton are exactly the same distance away. She scattered in the wind, falling into the river, disappearing into the murky flow. After all, as fantastic performers, the spotlight belonged on them and their lives bursting at the spandex in-seams with a mixture of hairspray, lipstick, and an all-around beautiful weirdness.

There was Trash, a nomad queen who created her costumes from other people’s trash.

i think everyone is subject to similar remarks over things they can’t control. An example: Before my twenties, I would say I was predominantly attracted to other South Asians or white bodies.

“i wouldn’t date a girl taller than me”, or “if you were a boy you’d totally be my type”, or “your hair looked better when it was longer”. Is this because these bodies were my “physical ideals”?

i don’t think anyone is or isn’t attracted to a race as much as they are (or aren’t) to a combination of physical characteristics. This comment, or variations of, is one I hear (and see) time and time again, particularly from white men, when the issue of racism in the queer community comes up.

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