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It is thought he left the UK for good in 2013 when he travelled to Syria and joined forces with ISIS.

Hussain, seen on the left, also went under the name Abu Hussain al-Britani.

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The source also said Matimba was known for his skills with a rifle and trained ISIS snipers.

In every photo and the video he is shown with an AK at his side. His family say he updated them on his life in Raqqa until last year, when he stopped responding.

He was born in Kuwait but raised in west London, where he was reported to have enjoyed a typical childhood and schooling.

ISIS claims he was radicalised some time in 2005, after the London bombings, before making several trips to the Middle East over the next few years.The footage seems to show that Matimba, long thought to be a fringe figure in the terror group, is actually a key figure and is now likely to be the UK's most wanted terrorists - if he is still alive.The video was captured by a source in Raqqa in 2014 who gave it to The Telegraph after the area of the city he lives in was liberated by US-backed SDF forces, who now have the city surrounded.It had been reported he was killed in fighting, but his death has never been confirmed.Also in the footage is now-deceased ISIS executioner Emwazi, who is shown sitting in the centre.Emwazi took on the role as ISIS's executioner-in-chief, beheading British and American captives before the footage was uploaded online.