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I know the question asked specifically about the COD but who says the COD is the be-all and end-all? The question is: Does the deity have a distinct existence? You should know that we don't always love each question, or agree with each answer, but we do always have a rollicking good time and usually learn something.We especially appreciate your Canadian sense of humour, living as we do a gull's cry from Campobello Island, NB, just across the bay. I saw it as a link on the Wordsmith site and it appealed to me, since I have studied and use a few Romance languages and the etymologies of words interest me.

In other words, using this definition of "distinct," even if Schrodinger's cat is an entirely imaginary being, it is an entity because it's distinct from Smith's cat.So when you say that something is a “stupid definition,” it seems to me that what you are really saying is that the definition is not what you mean when YOU use that word, and that you disagree with those others who use it in that unexpected way. Even the most abstract beings, such as pi, the Spirit of '76, and the colour blue only have meaning if distinguishable from their absence, or by contrast against other concepts (e.g., 12, a zeitgeist, or happiness).All beings that exist or are imagined must have "distinct existence", and thus be entities.My only concern is that, once someone has played these games, the material will be known and the interest will wane. Here’s the only thing I can suggest to solve that problem: The best way to play Moo T is with two teams of at least 4 players.When you do that, you don’t use a lot of questions because the teams tend to spend a lot of time discussing them, trying to reach a consensus on an answer.I take a few cards with me when I visit a friend in a nursing home, as they're talk-starters.

My friend Ellen Rosenberg bought one of the first Moo T games quite a few years ago.

Well it turns out — according to the COD (or at least according to the lawyerly interpretation that I squeezed out of it) — that there is difference between those two words: an entity is a "distinct being." (and what the lexicographers meant by "distinct").

You've taken it to mean something like that which can be clearly seen or, something which is, for lack of better words offhand, truly real.

We loved playing it and when she relocated to India, another friend, Joan Sharp (who teaches at SFU) bought a copy. (spanish & french) — can't get any more serious players than that! We had a lively email exchange a handful of months ago.

Now I have bought one for my daughter who has played it at Joan's and I know she and her friends will enjoy it as well. We had such fun playing our new Moot game for the first time. I can't remember what started it exactly, but I do recall asking you if you planned on introducing another Moo T game. I mean, easy for me to ask if you planned on coming up with another one thousand plus incredibly difficult questions, banging them out and cutting up all that card stock, boxing them with the game board and little tokens, and sending it my way!

I played Moo T at a dinner party this weekend and it was the first game I really enjoyed. I have no issues with using the COD as the rule for the game, but this one is a bit too "lawyerly". I actually like this type of question — even though it might seem too lawyerly — because it does make a distinction between words that otherwise would seem to be exact synonyms.