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In fact, when the i Phone was in development, director of engineering for i OS applications Nitin Ganatra used this very gag as a way of reinforcing the importance of getting the i Phone keyboard correct.

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) run during a 2012 episode where she performs for the citizens of Springfield while suspended in midair (in similar sparkles to boot! The building of The Shard, Europe’s tallest building (Lisa’s Wedding, Season 6 Episode 19) In an episode crammed full of predictions (more on those later), perhaps one of the most overlooked was the incredibly accurate depiction of a large, pointed skyscraper in the background of a shot of a digital Big Ben (sadly, the clock face is still very much analog).Not only is it in roughly the right place, it also is the right shape and height (1000 ft).The actual Shard’s construction wasn’t started until 2009, 14 years after the episode’s 1995 air date.Not quite the same as selling them on e Bay but similar sentiment.A Nobel Prize winner (Elementary School Musical, Season 22 Episode 1) Milhouse may have been six years too early in this episode from 2010, but he did correctly predict that Bengt Holmström would win a Nobel Prize for Economics at some point (that point being 2016).Donald Trump’s Presidency (Bart to the Future, Season 11 Episode 17) Incredibly, the Simpsons predicted what no one else did- the current inhabitant of the White House.

In an episode that follows Bart’s adulthood, we discover that Lisa has become the President of the United States but only after the previous president Donald Trump has created ‘quite a budget crunch’.

Burns’ newly opened casino as Springfield indulges in the extremes of the gambling industry. Broken voting machines (Treehouse of Horror XIX, Season 20 Episode 4) The year was 2008 and Homer, ever politically engaged, attempts to vote for Barack Obama in the presidential election.

10 years later, Roy was attacked during a 2003 performance by one of their white tigers named, wonderfully, Mantecore. However, the machine keeps changing (and multiplying) his vote for the Republican candidate John Mc Cain.

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However, according to Simon Singh (the author of “The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets), the equation, in fact, predicts the mass of the Higgs boson particle – a crucial mystery of particle physics theory.