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Once they connect the retro game, since their punishment is too boring, these four young protagonists select their characters and are trapped in the world of Jumanji.” #4 A great release date: February 4, 2018 Starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillian, who give life to the avatars that each teen character chooses, Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle differs from the original one not only by modifying the environment of his adventure, but also for being much less imaginative.In fact, the animation series based on Jumanji made more use of the idea of ​​being locked inside this dangerous world.

The very idea of ​​enclosing the characters inside a video game, with extra lives and dangers with scenarios that increase the difficulty gradually, transform the experience into something extremely schematic.

Not only that, enclosing characters inside a video game world is not the greatest novelty in the world, since it has been addressed in films and multiple animation series.

In that sense, the schematic of its history and the fact that its dangers do not have the same grace of the original, which increased the risks in the real world, are completely defined by the villain of history.

The second part consisted of three high-level policy events presenting the latest evolutions in the broader EU policy context related to Societal challenge 2 activities and how it relates with activities under Horizon 2020.

The event also featured a Bioeconomy village highlighting first-class Horizon 2020 projects and initiatives on bioeconomy.

Furthermore, the European Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel presented and discussed its Bioeconomy Manifesto, setting out a societal agenda for bioeconomy development.

These discussions reflected both on the experiences gained over the past four years with Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan, and on the possible need for new actions.Separate parallel sessions followed immediately after the plenary session chaired by 9 relevant Directorates Generals, the co-signatories of the Bioeconomy Strategy.More information - Recording by Room: DE GASPERI - MANSHOLT - JENKINS In this event, participants learnt about the broad framework of the digital agenda for Europe, the opportunities it brings for farming and food value chains and how the ambitious investments foreseen through Horizon 2020 can help achieve broader EU policy goals.That is why the young man falls into temptation and is locked inside that world full of dangers.A little over 20 years after those events, a new group of teenagers - an athlete, a popular, a nerd and a "weirdo" - run into the cartridge, just when they are in school detention for various mistakes they make.The week was structured as follows: The event targeted potential applicants to the calls for proposals under the Horizon 2020 SC2 ‘Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy’.

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