Updating db via xml

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Updating db via xml - Free sex chat cites

As mentioned above, there are two ways to define this information - as a Global Naming Resource, if multiple Contexts will need access to a single database, or on a Context by Context basis.

JDBC provides an abstraction layer between Java applications and database servers, so that an application's code does not need to be altered in order for it to communicate with multiple database formats.

is a file contained in either a block's or package's directory, that defines one or more database tables.

These are then created when a block or package is installed.

is required for any block that needs to save its data in the database (which is 99% of them). Many new concrete5 developers choose to learn how to create a file for their block by downloading a free block from the concrete5 marketplace and reviewing how it was setup.

This guide was created to help you understand how to properly code your file based on the Ado DB XML Schema and to provide a cheat sheet of available Types and Keywords.

For most users, there should be no need to modify the "type", "driver Class Name", or "auth" attributes: auth="Container"type="

Data Source"username="[Database Username]"password="[Database Password]"driver Class Name="com. Driver"url="jdbc:mysql:/[yourserver]:3306/[yourapplication]"max Active="15"max Idle="3"/The "name" attribute allows you to define a per-Context name for the resource, that can be used in your application code, as long as the "global" value correctly identifies the referenced resource.

The tables below explain what field types and keywords can be used to define your database table structure.

Can't get your head around My SQL drivers, connection pools, and JNDI resources?

Rather than creating new connections every time a new request comes in, the requests are queued, and matched with a pool of pre-generated connections as they become available.

Using JDBC also allows developers to assume that each request will receive its own JDBC connection, which significantly simplifies the transaction code.

If you'll need to use a Global Naming Resource, click here to skip ahead.

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