Who is matt wertz dating

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Who is matt wertz dating

Later, during "Hold On To Me," he channels his inner Michael Jackson on a song that poses some of the biggest questions of his career: why we're here, who put us there, and what it all means.

To assuage their fear that I was throwing my life away, I democratically assured them that I’d get a job after the summer was over. What did happen was that my summer burst at the seams with bookings at camps for high schoolers… Rinse, wash, repeat—and you have the first few years of my career.Matt Wertz is a singer/songwriter from Liberty, Missouri.Wertz gained a considerable fan base by performing at Young Life camps, after releasing "Somedays", his first album.Creative Artists Agency got involved booking my shows. And a bunch of record labels started knocking down my door. Ed and I began working on Everything in Between in February 2005, hitting the studio sporadically whenever I had breaks from the road.“The Way I Feel” was the first song we approached and it provided the compass for the record, ushering in an energy and musical depth that redirected my career to a new level.“” was written on July 7, 2005, at p.m., while I waited for the phone call that would inevitably be the end of that relationship.

Everything in Between was the first record I released with any kind of organized push behind it.

The album featured some of the songs that set the tone for the rest of my career—“Everything’s Right,” “Marianne,” “Red Meets Blue,” and “Counting to 100”— songs that are still staples in my set today.

On the heels of the Twenty Three Places release, people started taking notice. I did what I’d always done: I recorded another record on my own and kept touring.

Wertz realized he'd grown perhaps a bit too comfortable in Nashville, where he'd been making music for more than a decade.

Looking to write an album that tackled contemporary pop music from a different angle — literally — he headed to Los Angeles, where he spent several months writing songs for his ninth album, fires twin barrels of modern pop and synthesized R&B, finding new life in old-school influences. I wanted to see how my music fit into that space." Filled with left-field love songs about guarding yourself, opening your heart to new possibilities, and wrestling with the sacrifice and vulnerability that love requires of everyone, finds Wertz urging his listeners — and, perhaps, himself — to continue taking leaps.

Combining elements of classic r&b and funk, haunting atmospherics, timeless pop, rock, and folk sensibilities, a studied background in jazz & classical music, and a richly dynamic and soulful voice, Ransom creates music that is uniquely sophisticated yet highly accessible.