Who is matt wertz dating

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"I realized I'd been making records in a similar way in the same geographic area," Wertz admits, "and I wanted to get away from that comfort zone. It's an album about stepping into unfamiliar situations, armed with the courage to fail and the drive to succeed.I personally was needing a fresh approach — to pull the clip on the grenade and blow things up and start over. On "Committed," the album's kickoff track, Wertz rededicates himself to the artistic struggle, and with "Slow Motion," he focuses his attention on a loved one by clearing away the clutter and distractions of everyday life.

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The album also meant a lot to me personally—it was written and recorded during my first dating relationship since college, and much of the album followed the progress of the relationship.I grew up in a home where I was encouraged to explore and dive into whatever grabbed my attention. Early on, I was shown many graces—like a loan from my parents to pay for the first 1,000 copies of my debut record, Somedays (2001).To assuage their fear that I was throwing my life away, I democratically assured them that I’d get a job after the summer was over. What did happen was that my summer burst at the seams with bookings at camps for high schoolers… Rinse, wash, repeat—and you have the first few years of my career.Combining elements of classic r&b and funk, haunting atmospherics, timeless pop, rock, and folk sensibilities, a studied background in jazz & classical music, and a richly dynamic and soulful voice, Ransom creates music that is uniquely sophisticated yet highly accessible.Blurring personal experiences of love, loss, fear, and hope with political and social commentary, Ransom’s songs often reveal their depth slowly yet powerfully with each repeated listen.He has released three studio albums, and one EP, which have all been produced by himself and Ed Cash with an exception on the EP where his best friend Dave Barnes helped produce the album.

Aside from touring with such acts as Jamie, Gavin Degraw, Matt Nathanson and Jars of Clay, he has headlined several tours nationally in the early to mid-2000s. There was no expectation other than to do my best “and let God do the rest,” as my Mom always says.It seems fitting that I would be writing my own biography on the cusp of my first major label release, just as I did eight years ago before releasing my first independent album. Eventually I started playing concerts outside the walls of Scott Hall and made the leap to register my name as a dot-com.This time, though, I’m not trying to play it off like I didn’t write it. That may not seem like a big deal today, but at the time, those were the early, shaky steps I took toward a full-fledged career in the music industry.Creative Artists Agency got involved booking my shows. And a bunch of record labels started knocking down my door. Ed and I began working on Everything in Between in February 2005, hitting the studio sporadically whenever I had breaks from the road.“The Way I Feel” was the first song we approached and it provided the compass for the record, ushering in an energy and musical depth that redirected my career to a new level.“” was written on July 7, 2005, at p.m., while I waited for the phone call that would inevitably be the end of that relationship.