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The game does all this while throwing a constant stream of banner ads in your face.

Further, it feels true to that series and its identity – and it still made a truck load of money.This is a series that has been going strong for decades and only recently has started running into problems from both fans and the community in general.Truth be told there is not a whole lot wrong with some of the more vilified titles bearing the series name that have come out recently but the trends that are now blatantly developing are cause for alarm not just amongst the fans of the series but for the entire genre at large.I don’t really care about how much money Game of War made: at a point a business surely has to look at what makes their brand special and decide where to draw the line.This, presumably, is where there isn’t a Star Wars or Super Mario Bros game like this.In 2016 analyst firm Slice Intelligence reported that Game of War’s paying players spent an average of 0 each on the game in 2015, where the mobile free-to-play average is . A New Empire is essentially a mixture of ideas from both Game of War and Mobile Strike, so in that regard it’s a pretty safe bet – but that also means it isn’t particularly Final Fantasy.

It’s a city and army building game with some light combat, but the basic idea is a constant treadmill: you’re always researching new things to build and then building them, but everything takes up resources that eventually disappear.Practically everything also runs on a timer, and the only way to speed things up is to spend some real world cash.Early indications suggest that like Game of War there won’t be any way to progress in this game at higher levels without dropping real money.The music is there, the characters are there, but this isn’t FF15. I think of how those relatively run-of-the-mill Star Wars and Marvel mobile games are so reverential and respectful to their source material, and of how Marvel and Lucas Film reps comb over those games to ensure they fit and I wonder: did anyone at Square give a shit about this feeling like it fits with FF15? The series is too storied to be attached to this rubbish.” My point, I suppose, is that Final Fantasy is and should be better than this sort of crap.The series is too storied to be attached to this rubbish.There are Final Fantasy games like this as well – the story-focused Brave Exvius and the excellent combat-focused Record Keeper, the latter of which is an external partnership De NA, the same developer who assisted Nintendo on Fire Emblem Heroes.

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