Dating industrial engineer

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Whilst large power stations in cities used steam turbines or high-speed reciprocating steam engines, in rural areas petrol/gasoline, paraffin/kerosene or fuel oil powered internal combustion engines were cheaper to buy, install and operate, since they could be started and stopped quickly to meet demand, left running unattended for long periods of time and did not require a large dedicated engineering staff to operate and maintain.

Fortunately, the Rainhill gradients proved not to be a problem, and in the event, locomotive traction was determined to be a new technology with great potential for further development.This network of generators often forms a crucial part of the national electricity system's strategy for coping with periods of high demand.The development of water supply and sewage removal systems required the provision of many pumping stations.Most countries in the Western world completed large-scale rural electrification in the years following World War II, making individual generating plants obsolete for front-line use.However, even in countries with a reliable mains supply, many buildings are still fitted with modern diesel generators for emergency use, such as hospitals and pumping stations.Requirements : This position needs a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering or manufacturing engineering.

You should have at least two years related experience.

You should be a critical-thinking and creativity person with strong analyze and problem-solving skills.

A stationary engine is an engine whose framework does not move.

Where possible these would be arranged to utilise water and gravity in a balanced system, but in some cases additional power input was required from a stationary engine for the system to work.

The vast majority of these were constructed (and in many cases, demolished again) before steam engines were supplanted by internal combustion alternatives.

They are used to drive immobile equipment, such as pumps, generators, mills or factory machinery.