Who is chimamanda adichie dating

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Who is chimamanda adichie dating

According to Johnson (2003), during the period of pregnancy, a woman when abused may initiate certain biological and morphological changes, causing negative health effects to the mother and fetus, and as illustrated in Adichie’s PH, the continuous beatings Kimbali’s mother had received from Eugene had led to several miscarriages. Emotional abuse includes threats, isolation, public humiliation, unrelenting criticism, constant personal devaluation, and gaslighting.

Views on the influence of religion on domestic violence differ.

There is controversy regarding the influence of religion on domestic violence.

Eugene in Adichie’s is both a religious zealot and a violent figure in the Achike household, subjecting his wife Beatrice, Kambili herself, and her brother Jaja to beatings and psychological cruelty (Bell-Gam, 2004).

Adichie went on to expose the different kinds of religion such as, fanatic Catholics, liberated Catholics and Traditionalists as this had affected Kambili’s life as well as the lives of many others in the nation.

Adichie utilized all of her characters (Eugene and his household) in presenting the different perspectives of DV.

Reforming the legislation in order to ensure that domestic violence falls under the scope of the law is important. (2013), “Protection of sexual and reproductive health rights: addressing violence against women”, in Grodin, Michael A.; Tarantola, Daniel; Annas, George J.; Health and human rights in a changing world, Routledge, pp.

This may imply repealing existing laws which discriminate against women: according to the WHO, “when the law allows husbands to physically discipline wives, implementing a program to prevent intimate partner violence may have little impact”. (2011), “Potential problems for the effectiveness of international human rights law as regards domestic violence”, in Mc Quigg, Ronagh J.

WAYS OF COMBATING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Management of domestic violence may take place through medical services, and through the law enforcement, as well as counseling (assessment of the presence, extent and types of abuse), and other forms of prevention and intervention.

A lethality assessment is a tool that can assist in determining the best course of treatment for a victim, as well as helping the victim to recognize dangerous behaviors and more subtle abuse in their relationship. Prevention and intervention methods includes ways to prevent domestic violence by offering safe shelter, crisis intervention, advocacy, and education and prevention programs as did Aunty Ifeoma in .

The dynamics of physical abuse in a relationship are often complex.

Physical violence can be the as a result of other abusive behaviors, such as threats, intimidation, and restriction of victim self-determination through isolation, manipulation and other limitations of personal freedom.

Research studies conducted by researchers amongst whom, Gershoff (2008), Durrant and Ensom (2012) had indicated that the more corporal/physical punishments children received, the more likely they are as adults to act violently towards family members, including intimate partners as was probably the case of Eugene and Jaja in .

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