The dating game curriculum kit

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The dating game curriculum kit

We've done a lot of work recently to try and unravel the rules and how they apply to Spark Fun, and to other businesses as well.Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions that may help people understand better what the FCC rules mean (and don't mean) to their business or hobby.

It may be that you will fail, of course, which will require retesting. While it does lower the bar from the costly Certification process, you are still responsible for ensuring that your product does not emit other radio frequencies. Even in my own case, the circuit I made was clearly a “sub-assembly” designed to be installed into a point-of-sale display by the company that was manufacturing them, so testing was not required anyway. Jim (JR) Confident that my little PCB would not even be close to attracting the FCC’s attention, I sold it and had a lot of fun in the process.

However, in an order and consent decree released 31 April 2012 (File No.

EB-06-SE-388), part II, paragraph 2, indicates that kits do not generally require authorization, so long as they are sold in an unassembled state.

If only one of the included devices qualifies for exemption, the remainder of the equipment must comply with any applicable regulations.

If a device performs more than one function and all of those functions do not meet the criteria for exemption, the device does not qualify for inclusion under the exemptions.

The FCC allows a hobbyist to build up to five devices of a single design for personal use with no testing whatsoever.

If you are contacted by the FCC (or anyone else) about a matter of spectrum interference, immediately stop using the device, don't use it again, and you should be okay.The downside is that it creates a hurdle to those of us who want to do business within the United States selling electronics and electronic devices.There are many myths, misconceptions, and misunderstandings regarding compliance with these laws.There are two ways to avoid testing: restrict yourself to selling only subassemblies, or restrict yourself to devices on the exempted products list.The exempted product categories are pretty hard to remain within, and are given in section 15.103 of CFR47: Responsible parties should note that equipment containing more than one device is not exempt from the technical standards in this part unless all of the devices in the equipment meet the criteria for exemption.Subassemblies to digital devices are not subject to the technical standards in this part unless they are marketed as part of a system in which case the resulting system must comply with the applicable regulations.

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