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In the special Session of Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly held on 9th November, 1993, it had been unanimously resolved to call upon the Central Government to take steps immediately to bring a suitable amendment to the Constitution of India as to enable the Government of Tamil Nadu to continue its policy of 69 per cent.

Accordingly, the President gave his assent to the Bill on 19th July, 1994.7.

The Tamil Nadu Government accordingly notified the Tamil Nadu Backward Classes, Schedule Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Reservation of Seats in Educational Institutions and of appointment or posts in the Services under the State) Act, 1993 as Act No. The Tamil Nadu Government requested the Government of India on 22nd July, 1994 that the aforementioned Tamil Nadu Act 45 of 1994 be included in the Ninth Schedule to the Constitution of India for the reasons given below:- "The said Act attracts article 31C of the Constitution, as falling within the purview of clauses (b) and (c) of article 39 and articles 38 and 46 of the Constitution-vide section 2 of the Act.

The Supreme Court delivered its judgment in Indira Sawhney and others Vs.

However, the Supreme Court of india passed an interim order reiterating that the reservation should not exceed 50 per cent.

A total of 33 Indian and foreign tourists visiting Lakshadweep at time the cyclone hit the island are safe, he said.

"The tourists along with 250 people landed on the Lakshadweep coast and 809 landed on Maharashtra coast are being provided shelter and basic facilities." The official said that 10 ships and five aircrafts of Navy; 13 ships, four dornier aircrafts and one Chetak helicopter of Indian Coast Guard; one Advanced Light Helicopter, two MI-17 chopper and an AN-32 aircraft of Air Force is being used in the rescue operation. Cabinet Secretary review everyday about the situation apart from joint secretary level officers taking congnisance of the situation every three hours," the official said.reservation in Government Services and for admission in Educational Institutions as at present.An all parties meeting had also been held on 26th November, 1993 in Tamil Nadu urging that there should not be any doubt or delay in ensuring the continued implementation of 69 per cent.Sona’s sharp focus on quality education and training has turned it into a premier technical institution ensuring 100% placements in a wide range of companies.In short, Sona stands tall as one of the best institutions for world class professional education.In view of the importance and sensitive nature of the matter, the Union Home Minister held meetings with the leaders of Political Parties on 13th July, 1994 to discuss the provisions of the Bill.

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