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We really haven't noticed any difference in the swaying of the trailer but since it's relatively small it didn't sway much to begin with. Respectfully, Robert, Oklahoma July 28, 2016 Hello Jack, My boyfriend and I bought a 40 Ft 2001 Allegro Bus two years ago.

Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Kate Woods Novoa and bigsurkate with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.Prior to the purchase we were pushed around by Semi trucks on a regular basis.After the installation we don't even know a semi is passing us until we see it beside us. Didn't improve gas mileage but the safety factor was our reason for purchasing them and I can honestly say, they are amazing! Dmochowski Deltona, FL October 28 2015, Took my 2008 Damon outlaw Scorpion Class A motorhome out for its first run since my installation of your Airtabs. Before, the coach hunted left to right continuously, and my wife didn't like to drive it because it took so much concentration to keep it between the lines. I was going to put a steering stabilizer on the coach to see if that would help, but I don't need to now! August 1 2015, By channeling the air behind our coach, the tail end quieted down which delivered a big benefit to the steering wheel. Ted and Sheila June 3, 2015, Jack, I installed the air tabs on my 21' Jayco Whitehawk Summit.We had a big trip to TN planned in the next few weeks and wanted to purchase these Airtabs to test them out on our long trip from WI to TN.Nick followed the instructions and placed the Airtabs along the back of our RV, they did look nice and blended in well with our RV.Prior to installing these we took two longer trips with the trailer and we averaged 8.1 Mpg over the course of two trips.

Since installing the airtabs over the course of two additional trips we have averaged 9.8 MPG. 11, 2017 Airtab, I installed the air tabs on the driver's side and the roof. I made sufficient 1/4" X 2" X 4" blocks to fill all of the valleys on the siding then cemented them in place with caulking compound.For the trailer's corrugated side I used a piece of white drip edge with 1/4" thick pieces of wood to fill the hollows and caulked the leading edge. Except for when a truck overtakes me while on a left-hand curve I no longer feel any effects of the trucks, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I cut the drip edge to length and installed the air tabs on it before applying the finished panel to the rear of the trailer which had been prepped by running two parallel beads of caulking from top to bottom.We did notice a good improvement with driving the RV in windy conditions and when Semi Trucks passed by.In fact, the improvement was so good, that I wanted to do more driving then I usually do.Everything about Airtabs sounded like something we could use for our older RV to keep it steadier.