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The population of Mianwali according to the 1901 census of India was 3,591 In November 1901, the North-West Frontier Province was carved out of Punjab and the towns of Mianwali, Isa Khel, Kalabagh, and Kundian were separated from Bannu District (Bannu became part of NWFP) and hence a new district was made with the headquarters in Mianwali city and placed in Punjab. There were four tehsils namely Mianwali, Isa Khel, Bhakkar, and Layyah.Layyah was included in the Muzaffargarh District in 1909.

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The municipal committee was made in December 1903 and remained operational since then until the introduction of Tehsil Municipal Administration system.History Of the early history of the district nothing can be stated with any certainty, beyond the fact that its inhabitants were Hindus, and that before the Christian era the country formed an integral portion of the Graeco-Bactrian Empire of Kabul and the Punjab During British rule, the Indian empire was subdivided into province, divisions and districts, after the independence of Pakistan divisions remained the third tier of government until 2000.The British had made the towns of Mianwali and Isa Khel tehsil headquarters of Bannu District then part of Dera Ismail Khan Division of Punjab province.The son is said to have exhibited supernatural powers from an early age and many miraculous deeds are ascribed to him.His name is frequently taken as an oath , and his shrine is not uncommonly the scene of settlement of civil disputes, in which one party has bound himself to abide by any statement made at shrine by the other party.There are several educational institutions up to post-graduate level, affiliated with the University of Punjab.

The city has an airport built near the old World War II aerodrome. It is one of the major operational bases of the country.The No.1 Fighter Conversion Unit of the PAF is stationed here.There is also a railway connecting the city with Kundian and Multan to the south and Attock and Rawalpindi to the north.The main castes and tribes listed in Mianwali are: ” Niazi ” Syed ” Arain ” Awan ” Baloch ” Jat ” Khokhar ” Malik ” Rajput Niazis have a history of almost 250 years in this region.They came from the plains of Lakki Marwat, Tank and third area of Mianwali district is comprises of thal desert.

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