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Vice-Fed Chair Stanley Fischer recently resigned unexpectedly from the Federal Reserve.Many were left wondering why Fischer would give up his role as the Fed’s second in command, arguably the second most powerful Central Banking position in the world.

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I recommend this product to anyone who has multiple cats, breeders, shelters; anywhere that urine odor could create a problem.

That means I have lots of litter boxes to clean and the potential to have a very smelly environment.

I used Little Wizard in my cat boxes and was amazed to discover that there is absolutely no urine smell when using this product.

Warmest Regards, Jeanne Jackson The product is FABULOUS!!!!

Our group has cats in a Kiosk at a local Petco store, and we use Litter Wizard in the litter boxes and there is NO ammonia odor at all when you approach the cages. Warmest Regards, Nancy Youst First I want to say thank you for giving Kitty Haven the opportunity to test your product. It eliminates the ammonia odor completely and extends the life of the cat litter without the awful urine smell which not only keeps the cats happy, but also all of us who have to clean the litter boxes.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to try Litter Wizard.

There is no doubt it cuts the ammonia odor in the litter box.

We see great promos with this product and are excited about the opportunity to share with other animal welfare advocates.

Sincerely, Kim Hurst I am a volunteer cat foster parent for a local shelter and house 10 to 15 foster cats at a time in my home cattery.

There is absolutely no urine odor when you use Litter Wizard in the litter box.

Thanks for creating a product that actually does what it promises!

We tried it in boxes with clumping litter and regular clay litter.

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