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Some date it to 221 BC when they finished unifying China (note this unified China was much smaller than the China we know today), but the Ch'in themselves probably would have used a date of about 325 BC when Duke Hsuan Wen adopted the title of Emperor after defeating the state of Wen and withdrew Ch'in allegiance to the Zhou.* "Duke" is the closest title we have found for the early rulers of Ch'in.

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The traditional starting date for Han rule is 206 BC but, as discussed above, 202 BC may be more accurate.It seems likely the Ch'in government would have had a method of determining the mint and period of issue of any given coin, as such systems appear to have been in place on other coins for over 100 years.No mint marks occur on these coins, but it is unreasonable to assume all were cast at a single mint.Ch'in existed as a feudal state under the Zhou since before 1000 BC, casting coins (currently listed under Zhou) from about 400 BC.Traditionally we refer to the Ch'in Dynasty as beginning in 255 BC when the Ch'in conquered the Zhou.The official records of Han suggest that the coins of this size were made continuously throughout the later Chin and early Han periods, and one probably cannot assign them specifically to one Dynasty or the other.

Pan Liangs under 30 mm can safely be assigned to the Western Han Dynasty and are discussed under that heading.This is a reference guide to the cast coins of China, not a listing of coins offered for sale (although a listing of examples we currently have available can be viewed on our : our vcoins store.Images represent the types and may be larger or smaller than the actual coins.While the AVERAGE weight of an issue is closely tied to the diameter, the weights of individual specimens can vary so much (up to 200%) as to be almost meaningless (see our earlier discussion of weights).Unfortunately, not enough dateable hoard or archeological evidence currently exists to work out the exact classification of the Pan Liang series, but the Records of Han provide a clue, stating that heavy Pan Liang were cast until about 187 BC.The many calligraphy variations probably hold the key to this puzzle but with no official records extant, it is unlikely this will ever be fully understood.

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